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We had our first committee meeting since Lockdown early in July.  It was in the open air and we were all socially distanced, of course.   It was good to see people again, the downside was we had to shout to make ourselves heard at times, especially above the noise of the traffic etc.   We couldn’t discuss past meetings and activities as obviously none had taken place and we couldn’t make any firm plans for the future as that is still unknown!

However, we decided we would have small socially-distanced outdoor get-togethers so members didn’t feel too isolated or forgotten.  They will take place in August in members’ gardens.   We have a membership of just over 40 which have been split into 5 groups so if you hear 8 ladies chatting and laughing in a garden near you, it may well be the WI.   Obviously, we are relying on the weather to be kind to us but we have had quite a good spring and summer so far.

Jan, our President, has kept us  entertained with her monthly Newsletter and the Federation has been running various  classes and talks on Zoom in which some of our members have taken part and enjoyed.  

Here’s hoping that we are able to resume our regular monthly meetings, coffee mornings etc. at some time in the not too distant future.

WI hold socially distanced committee meeting