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Susan Parsons Room Booking Conditions

Main Hall Hire charges (2015):

Up to 3 hours                                     £7.00 per hour
Over 3 hours and up to 8 hours           £6.50 per hour
Over 8 hours                                      £6.00 per hour          

Concessionary rates available for 5 or more consecutive bookings paid for in advance

Use of kitchen and equipment             £5.00 plus £3.00 per hour

Susan Parsons Room                           £4.00 per hour

If you would like to book the venue for an event, please check the Church house calendar for availability. In order to submit a booking request please leave a message and your contact number on the Church House answer machine 01963 250326 and someone will call you This is a temporary measure until we have a new administrator

2. The use of Church House by the hirer implies that he/she agrees to these conditions referred to on the booking form overleaf. The Church House Management Committee reserves the right to amend the Hiring Conditions and charges. A minimum of 3 months notice of any changes in conditions or charges will be given where advanced bookings have already been agreed.

3. Any hirer making a booking must be over 25 years of age, be present during the period of the hiring and responsible for the following:

a) The cost of making good any damage caused to the building, furniture or equipment and for reporting any damage immediately. A returnable deposit of £15 may be charged to cover the cost of replacing or repairing any loss or damage sustained and deemed to be more than normal wear and tear.

b) Ensuring and enforcing a good standard of behaviour by all persons on the property during the hiring.

c) Unless otherwise arranged, removing any materials brought in and seeing that all parts of the building and grounds are left tidy, clean and free from rubbish and litter at the end of the hiring.

d) Ensuring all lights and water heaters are turned off and doors closed and locked, including fire exit doors.

4. Hirers must indicate the full nature of the hiring at the time of the booking application and notify any intended change to this before the date of the booking.

5. The Committee will not, in any circumstances, consider claims for loss of cash, valuables or possessions during the hiring,

or left on the premises after the hiring and shall not be responsible for any injury caused to persons using the property.

6. Cancellation at short notice may require the full agreed hire charge to be paid.

7. Series of regular bookings cannot be guaranteed against exceptional interruption and in such event maximum possible notice will be given and full efforts made to re-accommodate the hirer.

8. A Performing Rights Society fee will be payable when recorded music is played (eg Discos).

9. A Phonographic Performance Licence must be obtained when sound recordings are played in public. (Public means any Event except a family or domestic gathering.) See PPL notice in hall or

10. Fire and Police Officers and Committee members shall be afforded right of entry on relevant occasions.

11. The hirer shall not create any hazard by the nature of his/her occupation and motor vehicles shall not be brought on to the property.

12. The sale of alcoholic refreshment shall not be allowed at any time and sale shall be taken as meaning the reimbursement for the cost of such refreshment in any form by persons on the premises. The consumption of alcoholic refreshment shall be allowed only when provided by the hirer:

a) for guests at strictly private functions;

b) on occasions at which admission is by ticket which includes an amount for alcoholic refreshment and previously bought elsewhere and when the amount of such refreshment per ticket has the Committee's approval.

13. There must be no loud music or party noise after 11.00pm and all clearing up must be completed and the property vacated. Please ensure that the property is left secure. Please return the keys promptly to the manager.

14. Regulations stipulate that the maximum number of persons allowed in Church House at any one event is 100.


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