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Heritage group chapel

Since we formed the group we have been lucky enough to have donated or loaned to us many fascinating items and it soon became clear that we needed a place to display these items so that they could be seen and appreciated by everyone.

The Cemetery Chapel in Wheathill Lane, Milborne Port had been used as a store for many years and also housed the bier that was used in Milborne Port up until the 1950s. This seemed to be a perfect location for a local museum and so we approached the Milborne Port Parish Council and with their consent and help we have secured its use.

Fortunately it came with its own piece of history, The bier housed in the chapel is now an integral part of our collection.

At the end of April 2017 the museum was officially opened by Cllr. Sarah Dyke as the Chapel Museum and over 100 people joined us that afternoon. We are staging different displays of local interest throughout the summer which are advertised in our ‘What’s On’ section and check the diary for up to date information.

Cemetery Chapel
Wheathill Lane,Milborne Port,,

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