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Milborne Port Scoop Gold in South West in Bloom

2016 SWIB awards ceromonyOn October 6th. at the RHS sponsored South West in Bloom awards ceremony in Taunton, Milborne Port received a Gold Award as part of the Cox Cup. The picture opposite shows the award being presented by Lord Fellowes to Maureen Lock, Pam Alexander and Philip Lock. High praise came from the judges for the progress made with the High Street, Ball Court and Grove gardens. Also the involvement of the Parish Council, SSDC Rangers scheme, community groups, local business, the Primary school and individual volunteers made a large impact.

Our next step is to involve residents and small areas in the "Its your neighborhood Scheme". If you would like to help or start a group please contact the Parish Clerk Mrs. Emma Curtis 251268

Judging date set

We have just heard that judging for this year's entry will take place at 0930 hrs on 7th July. The team are in the process of assembling the submission document which is expected to contain an impressive list of improvements in our village this year. These are likely to include some if not all of the following:

  • Cemetery car park,drive and gates,
  • Chapel clearance and the Historical society,
  • Grove garden improvements( footpath finger posts, improved planting and replacement gravel boards),
  • Ball Court improved planting and installation of stone bench,
  • Installation of improved water troughs in the allotments,
  • Judging for this year's competition will take place on July 7th commencing 0930 hrs. The team are currently assmbling the portfolio of achievements this year which are likely to include the following:
  • Installation of the new bus shelter,
  • Sponsored purchase (WI) of the large planter on the weighbridge,
  • Sponsored purchase (SOMP) and planting of bulbs at Crackmore garage by school children,
  • Sponsored purchase (SOMP) of flower tubs and wild flower seeds for the school,
  • Supply of ornamental bee hive from SSDC to the school,
  • Engagement with the Church to improve the Church yard.
  • Co-operation between the Church and gardening club to show some hidden gardens,
  • Supply of garden planning ideas and supply of plants by the Gardening Club,
  • Village footpath adoption scheme.

Latest from the SWIB team

At a recent meeting of the core team, they confirmed good progress with the plans for our entry by the Parish Council, with the support of Spirit of Milborne Port. They also recognised that there would be more support needed as well as the opportunity for individual neighbourhoods (streets, village areas) to enter subsidiary competitions within the overall competition. If you want to form a neighbourhood group or offer individual support, please get in touch with the webmaster of this site who will pass your wishes along. Key areas which are going to need attention are the Ball Court and the Churchyard as the judges last year suggested that they could be made key areas of interest for all, not just the Churchgoers.

The hanging baskets will be a key feature of our entry, and the display will be extended further up North Street this year with a striking colour scheme.

South West in Bloom– Determined for Gold in 2016

At a recent meeting of a small team, made up of independent residents, Spirit of Milborne Port and Parish Councillors, it was agreed to launch our campaign for the South West in Bloom competition in 2016. We missed a gold award this year by a very small margin, showing a great improvement over the previous year. The display on the High Street was aided this year, by professional watering of the hanging baskets. Taking the judges’ comments for this year’s competition on board, we will be looking to improve the Churchyard and see if we can extend the High Street floral display up North Street as when passing traffic slows they have a significant view of this road, so to brighten it up will made a great impact.

However, it is not just about the High Street and the organisers would like to encourage villagers to make up their own hanging baskets and display them outside their homes. It need not be expensive as the quantity of many varieties of plants can be multiplied by taking cuttings or splitting roots as appropriate to the variety.

It is not even just about plants. The team will be looking for options to improve the quality and currency of the signage in the village. If we all also make an effort to keep our own areas tidy, then we will have a village, visually to be proud of.

Watch this space for more news as the year progresses, but we have started this months earlier than in previous years, so we think that we have a great chance for Gold next year.

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