Milborne Port

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Parish Council Services

The Parish Council, on behalf of the residents:

  • Owns, manages and maintains the Town Hall, the cemetery in Wheathill Lane, the playing fields at Springfield Road (which are run by a management committee) two children's play areas at Springfield Road and Gainsborough (there is also a third play area off Prankerds Road, which is owned by South Somerset District Council and a fourth play area adjacent to The Brambles which is maintained by a private management organisation), the skate park at Gainsborough, the allotment gardens at Gainsborough, East Street car park, the Grove Public Garden in Church Street and the Remembrance Garden (aka the Ball Court) off the High Street
  • Provides and maintains public benches
  • Provides litter bins and dog waste bins, which are then serviced by the District Council
  • Also maintains the village footpaths, the Clump (Bathwell Lane), Rosemary Street "triangle" and the Community Woodland.
  • Has responsibility for maintenance of the closed Churchyard at St. John's
  • Considers and gives comments on all planning applications in the parish (this is only on a the final decision on applications is taken by South Somerset District Council). All planning applications for Milborne Port can be viewed on line here
  • Liaises with South Somerset District Council, Somerset County Council and Somerset Highways on matters of concern relating to the parish

The Parish Council are provided a yearly budget (Precept) to perform the above activities. This precept is reviewed each year and comes from the Council Tax paid by residents of the parish.  The Precept for the forthcoming year 2019-2020 is £89,174.

You are here: Home Services General services