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Parish Planners get Stuck in

The Blue Peter TeamOn Tuesday and Wednesday of the week, a group of volunteers working on the Parish Plan were very much in Blue Peter mode as they worked with glue, paper and ploystyrene to create a scale map of Milborne Port. This is to be used in a "planning for Real" excercise at the Fete in June to help villagers visualise that they want from our village. Keep looking back to this page for more information and come and have your say at the fete.

Parish Plan does Planning for Real

Finished dioramaA technique called "Planning for Real" is being used to generate ideas for the future of our village. Based upon the concept of a diorama, thisMaking sense of the maps will be a central focus of the Parish Plan group at the village Fete in June. Preparation began on Monday evening (18th April) at the Town Hall where enthusiastic volunteers started laying out a multipart map of Milborne Port and Milborne Wick. The team will be meeting again next Monday to arrange this in a series of panels which can have the built environment details put in place. The whole village is invited to add their thoughts in June at the Village Fete.

Parish Plan Revisited

The Milborne Port Parish Plan was completed in 2010. Since that time, much has changed in the village, with more houses being built, a seafood restaurant and computer shop opening, but with the Queens Head and Taylor's electrical closing. Also Milborne Port Primary School has experienced significant growth in the intervening time. On the social front, Spirit of Milborne Port has been formed, this website has been built and the village has entered South West in bloom.

Your Parish council has therefore decided to embark on a refresh of the plan and is seeking to involve as many village groups as is practical to create an updated plan. If you or any group in which you are involved would like to be included in this work, please contact Emma Curtis at the town hall, e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call 01963 251268.

The original Parish Plan and Parish Plan Summary can be found by clicking appropriately.

Parish Plan refresh consultation begins

poster for refreshThe opportunity to record some views as to what the Parish Plan refresh should contain was taken during the Lights switch on ceremony, when a poster session in the town hall was held. The theme was “what would we do if we had half a million pounds to spare” (worth stressing at this point that we do not have this!!) The poster we used can be seen in this article and the individual posts shown here.

To summarise, however, there were many comments about the roads, parking, speed restrictions and the like, with the High Street having the most focus, with the obvious desire to make our streets safer.

Another significant desire was to see more commercial activity, both as retail space (coffee shop, bakery etc.) but also more business space generally.

A few comments actively wanted more housing, presumably as a nod to the general need for more housing in the country but also as a recognition that more houses would help keep commercial activity in the village.

There were also comments wanting more support for children, both generally and for those with disabilities.

In all some 21 comments were recorded. If you missed this and want to be part of the conversation, please send your comments to the administrator of this website here, or contact Emma Curtis, our Parish Clerk.

Core Team

The following Parish Councillors have formed a core team who will be working on the Plan revision

John Oldham
Philip Lock
Pam Alexander
Ted Watts
Alison Flynn

Our clerk, Emma Curtis as well as district Councillor Sarah Dyke-Bracher and neighbourhood development officer James Divall will also be involved in this work.

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