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News from the Council Chamber – June 2018

Again a few things that the Parish Council felt worth highlighting from the meeting on June 5th.

FeteHousing Needs Survey Poster

The Parish Council had a stand at the fete again this year, which was, we thought, strategically placed across from the bar in the marquee. Whilst not overwhelmed by visitors, we did have a steady trickle and we handed out some of the recently updated and reprinted welcome packs. These are also available at the Town Hall.

Housing Needs Survey

One of the things we were keen to mention at the fete, was the upcoming housing needs survey, which will be dropping through each household’s letterbox later this month or early in July. This will allow every household to identify more clearly, what they believe the needs are in Milborne Port. Please do fill it in as it will enable the Parish Council to engage properly with the planning department regarding the needs that the village has for housing, not what developers wish to give us.


The new General Data Protection Regulation has its impact on the Parish Council even though we do not hold much personal data. Council have updated its privacy and data protection policies, and these can be seen on the “documents and downloads” page of the Parish Council website (

Pedestrian Crossing

PuffinCrossingMany will be aware that we are pushing for a pedestrian crossing at the West end of the village. It is a painfully slow process, but we are pleased to report that it has now progressed to a feasibility study stage. No guarantee that it will come to fruition, however it is great that we have been accepted for the next stage.

News from the Council Chamber - May 2018

A brief look at items discussed in May's council meeting. Look at the minutes for more details

Council Chairman for the coming year

The May council meeting is when the officers of the council are elected. There being no other nominations, Mr. Oldham accepted the wish of the council to continue as chairman. Richard Douglas was elected as vice chairman for the coming year. Membership of committees remains largely unchanged.

Fete Presence

Come along to the fete in June and in addition to tug of war, art displays and sausage eating, members of the Parish Council will be on hand to answer any questions about the council activities and to brief anyone about the upcoming housing needs survey.

Dog Fouling

Rarely a month goes by without a mention of this topic. However, the working party are planning to meet shortly, and the council have had hopefully, good advice from the environmental health officer on ways forward.


South Somerset are planning to organise a number of playdays for youngsters to experience various activities and one is proposed for Milborne Port this summer. Council voted to sponsor the “laser tag” game as part of this. What this space for more details.

News from the Council Chamber - April 2018

A brief look at some of the items discussed at the April Parish Council meeting. These are intended to complement the formal minutes available on this website and on noticeboards.


Council spent considerable time discussing how we could better communicate with the members of the village community. Council is conscious that this brief summary does not reach all residents and is just “one way traffic”. As well as looking at improving this, however, we would like to mention that unlike many villages, we do have a council office open each Tuesday and Friday morning, when our clerk is happy to discuss issues with residents and pass on to committee chairmen if appropriate. You can also contact councillors directly as their contact details are available at They will not be able to take decisions in isolation of course but can provide a useful sounding board given that it is not really possible within the council meeting forum.

Springfield Road Car Park

The lack of lighting at the Springfield road car park has been a concern to council for some time both because of the periodic antisocial behaviour (drug dealing) which takes place there and the hazard that the unlit surface presents to pedestrians. Some months ago, council resolved to take remedial action by providing lighting to the surface and an automatic barrier which prevents access out of operational hours. At the April council meeting, the various quotes for this work were considered and a contractor chosen. Work is not likely to start for some while as although we have been given a grant from the lottery fund for this work, we are awaiting a further grant from SSDC and we cannot begin work until this has been given.

Housing needs Survey

Following the village questionnaire last year which gave some limited evidence of general views on housing in the village, council has taken up the offer of SSDC providing a detailed housing needs survey for the village. This is in preparation and will be hand delivered to every household, probably in June. When you receive yours, please do take time to fill it in and return.

Library Consultation

This consultation is still active but will be closed by June 13th. The Parish Council have a working group which is working with the Friend of Milborne Port Library to give feedback to county, however, your individual views are also important. You can take part on line at

Speed data

As well as Speedwatch, we also have periodic placement of speed indicating devices (SID) in the village. At the moment these are at no cost to the Parish Council but from this month, participation in the scheme will be at a modest cost to council. At the April meeting, council resolved to continue with this scheme as it believes that it does enhance public awareness of the issue of speed on the A30. As and example of the output from the SIDs, attached is a graph of the traffic speeds in the first two weeks of March at the west end of the village.

News from the Council Chamber - March 2018

A brief look at some of the items discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 6th March, which are intended to complement the formal minutes available on this website.

Library Consultation

Following the consultation drop in session during the afternoon at the Village Hall as part of the libraries consultation, two members of the SCC libraries team attended the Parish Council meeting to update council and to answer questions. Their focus is to obtain community involvement to keep all existing libraries open. It was agreed to form a working party of Parish Councillors to work the issues with the Friends of Milborne Port Library, some of whose members were also present. If anyone has ideas to contribute to this discussion, please contact the Parish Clerk.

South West in Bloom

After some discussion, it was agreed to enter this competition again as it does keep a focus on improvements to the built environment. However, mainstays of the work, Phil and Maureen Lock would welcome more support from villagers to help with the formal submission but also to make their local area of the village more attractive. If anyone wants to help with this, please contact Phil/Maureen or again the Parish Clerk.

Housing Needs Survey

Council agreed to having a housing needs survey carried out. This will be independent of the Parish Council and at no cost to the council. It will be more rigorous than the simple questionnaire that was carried out in Milborne Port last year and hopefully give more detailed information about the true need.

Dog Poo – again

There was a written question from the football club, concerned about the continued deposits of dog faeces on the playing fields. There was extensive discussion on this matter, recognising that many dog owners are responsible in this respect, but some are not. A working party was formed (mostly including dog owning councillors) to investigate this further together with the playing fields and clubs. Ideas from the general public on this are very welcome. Again contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to contribute.

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