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News from the Council Chamber - October 2018

Here our notes from the meeting on 2nd October to which your Parish Council wished to draw attention. Full minutes will appear on noticeboards and this website in due course.

Parish Council by-election

This has been called to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of a councillor. Anyone who would like to stand is encouraged to read the notes here. Last date for nominations is Friday 12th October. Assuming there are multiple nominations, the election will take place on 8th November at the Camelot room of the village hall.


The Parish Council has let a contract to have the war memorial by the Church cleaned in time for the commemoration of the armistice of the great war on 11th November. Following this commemoration, the Parish Council will be looking to relocate the soldier efigies which have been placed around the village, to a permanent display. Any suggestions as to the best place for these should be sent to the council clerk.

Canadian Solar

Deciding on the best project(s) suitable for the use of these funds is proving somewhat difficult and the council decided to form a small group to look at the criteria to judge the submissions. The criteria will be published in due course; however, it is likely to limit the use to capital as opposed to revenue projects. Further submissions are welcome in the meantime to supplement those already received (surfacing the village hall car park, outdoor gym equipment, floodlighting at the playing field, support for an artificial pitch at the playing fields, refurbishment of the town hall toilet.) Residents submitting ideas will be asked to present their case in due course to the Parish Council.

Plastic Free

Following from correspondence from a resident, the Parish Council is investigating what would be involved to make Milborne Port a “plastic free” community.

News from the Council Chamber – September 2018

A few items that the Parish Council wished tobring to residents attention, The full council minutes will appear on the website shortly.

Emergency Plan

The Council is updating the village’s emergency plan. This documents the ability of the village to support itself during a significant emergency or when emergency services may be overwhelmed. As such it documents resources available to the village. The council would welcome volunteers from the village to support the management of this plan. If you would like to consider helping, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.

Canadian Solar

The council have already had several suggestions as to projects which may be undertaken with the money received from Canadian Solar. Council will decide on projects at the October meeting and would like to encourage residents to come forward with ideas for the use of the funds.

East Street Car Park Vehicle Charging

The council have signed a lease for two high speed electric vehicle charging points to be installed at the above location. It is expected that work on this will start shortly.


Clump parkingCouncil were concerned about several cases of parking which impeded use of the roads and pavements such as demonstrated by the picture at the entrance to Bathwell Lane. Villagers are also reminded that parking on footpaths is illegal and restricts the passage of pedestrians.                  

Footpath Diversion

The county council informed the PC that the application for a footpath diversion to the west of the Springfield Road playing fields (submitted some three years ago) is now to be considered and will be subject to public consultation.

Council office opening

The PC are now able to extend the opening hours on Tuesday and Friday mornings. They will now be open from 9am – 12 noon.

News from the Council Chamber - August 2018

The Council meeting on 7th August was quite long and to some extent dominated by a discussion of the outline planning application at Wheathill Lane (17/03985/OUT), which will be reported in due course. Council wished to highlight some other matters in this periodic brief.

Housing needs survey

This has been mentioned previously, but it now ready to be distributed and will be hand delivered by councillors to every household in the next couple of weeks. Residents are urged to take the time to fill this in as it will help to guide future development in the village. Please note that the survey can also be completed on line at

Search for Dog walking area

Council agreed to begin a search for a parcel of land suitable to accommodate the needs of those wishing to walk their dogs other than at the playing fields.

Dog poop bag Dispensers

Recognising that finding land will not be a quick option, council approved the purchase of several dog poop bag dispensers for installation at key entry points to the playing fields in an attempt to maximise the chance of owners picking up after their dogs for those who have forgotten to bring bags with them.

News from the Council Chamber – June 2018

Again a few things that the Parish Council felt worth highlighting from the meeting on June 5th.

FeteHousing Needs Survey Poster

The Parish Council had a stand at the fete again this year, which was, we thought, strategically placed across from the bar in the marquee. Whilst not overwhelmed by visitors, we did have a steady trickle and we handed out some of the recently updated and reprinted welcome packs. These are also available at the Town Hall.

Housing Needs Survey

One of the things we were keen to mention at the fete, was the upcoming housing needs survey, which will be dropping through each household’s letterbox later this month or early in July. This will allow every household to identify more clearly, what they believe the needs are in Milborne Port. Please do fill it in as it will enable the Parish Council to engage properly with the planning department regarding the needs that the village has for housing, not what developers wish to give us.


The new General Data Protection Regulation has its impact on the Parish Council even though we do not hold much personal data. Council have updated its privacy and data protection policies, and these can be seen on the “documents and downloads” page of the Parish Council website (

Pedestrian Crossing

PuffinCrossingMany will be aware that we are pushing for a pedestrian crossing at the West end of the village. It is a painfully slow process, but we are pleased to report that it has now progressed to a feasibility study stage. No guarantee that it will come to fruition, however it is great that we have been accepted for the next stage.

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