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News from the Council Chamber – February 2019

Our usual summary of items and issues discussed at the February Council meeting which may be of interest. This is of course in addition to the formal minutes which are posted on the Parish Council website.

Litter Pick

The Parish Council are keen to see the periodic litter pick in the village reinstated following some period of inactivity. It was resolved that this would be re-started, with the Parish Council taking the lead. Look out for notices about this on the community website. The Council are hopeful of a good turnout for this and it ties in with the Parish Council’s attempts to become a plastic free community in future.

Community Hub

The Parish Council continue to work with Redcliffe Homes, the Friends of Milborne Port Library and the History and Heritage group, to develop the concept of a community hub, to be built as part of the Redcliffe Homes development to the north of Wheathill Lane. It is hoped that when built, this will house the Milborne Port library. The library will move from its current home later this year into temporary facilities until the hub is built.

Footpath Diversion

diversionFollowing several years of work, the footpath around the memorial playing fields is to be diverted according to the map shown. This will provide a route around the memorial playing fields. The work to divert the footbath with attendant notices will begin shortly.

Speed Indicating Device (SID)

Following the withdrawal of a loan service of a SID from the District Council, the Parish Council have taken delivery of its own SID which will be rotated around the three main entrances to the village. A team from the Parish Council have been trained to deploy the device and we offer our thanks to the owners of Ven House who have provided the funds for this purchase. Note that the manual speedwatch programme remains in place.

Utilisation of funds from Canadian Solar

The deadline for submission of ideas for the utilisation of funds granted to the Parish Council is fast approaching (18th February). Concerns were expressed at the Council meeting that the required submission format was too onerous (see here). The council want to assure residents that if parts of submissions are limited in what they provide, it will not disqualify consideration by Council, and in any event, all submissions will need to be short.

News from the Council Chamber – January 2019

These notes are from the latest Parish Council meeting in January and are intended to be an informal supplement to the official minutes which will appear in due course.


The Parish Council have been working with the County Council library services and Friends of Milborne Port library to see if a community library partnership can be created to enable the library to continue once funding for the current library from SCC ceases in a few months time. Whilst there are several issues to resolve, all three parties are aligned in the desirability of making this happen and budgeting for it has been incorporated in the Parish Council budget for the next financial year.

Budgeting and Precept setting

As Parish Councils are asked to take on more activities that would otherwise fall to the county or district councils, it is inevitable that our costs will increase. We have limited the rise as much as possible for this coming year by drawing down on available surplus, and by leaving some items unbudgeted for, however, council voted to increase the precept which will mean that the band D council tax levied by the Parish Council will increase by approximately £14 per annum. A large proportion of this is to support the library.

Canadian Solar

Council agreed on the decision process for how to spend the substantial grant from Canadian Solar. Ideas for the use of these funds will be sought from residents of the village (a notice will be placed on boards, in the village magazine and on the news page of the community website).

Planning Appeal

The Parish Council were keen to remind residents about the appeal hearing on 22nd January regarding the planning refusal for land at the end of Station Road. The Parish Council will be present to make representations to the appeal hearing.

Parish Council Elections

The current Parish Council’s term of office comes to an end in May of this year and they would like to encourage residents to step forward and be considered for election. The Parish Council are keen to encourage a diversity of gender and age in the candidates. There will be more on this in coming months.

WCAG implemented on Parish Council Website

Public sector bodies such as the Parish Council are being required to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) on their websites. A measure of these have therefore been implemented on this site. From now on you will see an icon at the bottom right of each page.

If you click on this to expand it, you will see further icons to change the text size, display a dyslexic friendly font and change the contrast of the page. In addition, there is a "play" button which will render an audio version of any text that you select on the page. Whilst not being temporarily fluent, the spoken text is understandable.

Occasionally in any article, you may see a play button against some text. This will allow the reader to render that particular paragraph directly.

News from the Council Chamber – December 2018

The Parish Council’s December meeting was quite an extended affair with the future of the Milborne Port Library and the 2019/20 budget making up a significant part of the meeting. Our extended notes on these matters below reflect the importance of the subject.


Working with the Friends of Milborne Port Library, the Parish Council have submitted an expression of interest to SCC to develop the library as a community library partnership following the withdrawal of funding from SCC. SCC have agreed to support the plan which would see the library temporarily housed in the Town Hall and then moved to the community hub being proposed as part of the Redcliffe homes development at the corner of Wheathill Lane and Station road. At the meeting in December, Council confirmed its desire to see the library continue but recognised that secure funding will be needed via the Parish Council precept. Although the budget discussions have not yet concluded (see below), it is likely that this will add in the order of £8 per annum in council tax to a band D house. The alternative is simply to lose the library altogether.

The Parish Council will continue to develop this proposal with FoMPL and SCC in the weeks ahead.

Residents may view that this is not something that they wish to see council supporting and any feedback on this matter (either positive or negative) should be directed to our Parish Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish Council Budget

The Parish Council began the task of creating its budget for the next financial year. This year, we will have spent significantly more than our precept, and it is likely that we will need to draw down on our modest reserves in the coming year to support the library and ensure we can have the Springfield Road car park resurfaced following the installation of new lighting this year, though at the moment, there is insufficient budget cover for this. The budget will be finalised at the January council meeting.

Speed Indicating Device (SID)

Following the demise of the district council provided SID the Parish Council agreed to purchase one which can be used successively on the three entrances to the village. (note that it is not allowed to mount these devices permanently). This initiative has been made possible with the generous financial support of the owners of Ven House.

PCSO presence

The Parish Council were pleased to welcome our PCSO, John Winfield, who has expressed a desire to have a base in the village. Council voted to allow the use of the Town Hall for this purpose. It is not yet known the times or frequency of John’s visits.

Planning Appeal

The planning application 17/03964/OUT, permission for which was refused is now subject to appeal. The appeal hearing will be held on 22nd January at the Milborne Port Village Hall. The Parish Council has formed a working party to coordinate its response.

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