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News from the Council Chamber – June 2018

Again a few things that the Parish Council felt worth highlighting from the meeting on June 5th.

FeteHousing Needs Survey Poster

The Parish Council had a stand at the fete again this year, which was, we thought, strategically placed across from the bar in the marquee. Whilst not overwhelmed by visitors, we did have a steady trickle and we handed out some of the recently updated and reprinted welcome packs. These are also available at the Town Hall.

Housing Needs Survey

One of the things we were keen to mention at the fete, was the upcoming housing needs survey, which will be dropping through each household’s letterbox later this month or early in July. This will allow every household to identify more clearly, what they believe the needs are in Milborne Port. Please do fill it in as it will enable the Parish Council to engage properly with the planning department regarding the needs that the village has for housing, not what developers wish to give us.


The new General Data Protection Regulation has its impact on the Parish Council even though we do not hold much personal data. Council have updated its privacy and data protection policies, and these can be seen on the “documents and downloads” page of the Parish Council website (

Pedestrian Crossing

PuffinCrossingMany will be aware that we are pushing for a pedestrian crossing at the West end of the village. It is a painfully slow process, but we are pleased to report that it has now progressed to a feasibility study stage. No guarantee that it will come to fruition, however it is great that we have been accepted for the next stage.

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