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News from the Council Chamber - December 2017

Bag It and Bin It

Dog fouling is not the most glamorous of subjects but to our residents it is extremely important. We know the majority of dog walkers are responsible pet owners and they find it more frustrating than most when faced with others who are not. To this end we all as a community need to come together to encourage people to “Bag It and Bin It”.

Each bin is a cost to the taxpayer and as such, there is only so many we can have but now as all bins in the village can be used for this purpose there is no excuse. Dog faeces can be very dangerous to our health so let us (in a kind and polite way) educate those who haven’t got the message to “Bag It and Bin It”. And please note, offenders can be fined up to £1,000.

Budget Preparation

The full council discussed the financial plan and budget for the coming financial year. However, because a number of pieces of information were not available at the meeting in December, the finalisation of the budget and hence precept request was deferred until the full meeting of council in January.

New Councillors and committees

Our newly co-opted councillors, Messrs. Stewart, Tizzard and Campbell attended their first meeting of the full council on Tuesday and joined the committees as follows: Mr. Stewart, finance and HR; Mr. Tizzard, planning and HR; Mr. Campbell, planning and Open spaces/footpaths.

The full list of committee involvement can be viewed at

Housing needs Survey

The Parish Plan group, in its survey earlier in the year asked some questions about housing needs in the village. Results were informative. However, the recent significant planning applications have led council to request a formal housing needs survey which will be conducted by the District Council.


Your Parish Council would like to wish all villagers a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year. The council offices will be closed on Friday 22nd December and boxing day of course, but open on Friday 29th December for a short while.

You are here: Home Parish Council News from the Council Chamber - December 2017