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News from the Council Chamber - November 2017

Councillor Co-option

There were five candidates putting their names forward for co-option to council for the three vacancies. The local council association guidance for co-opting councillors mandates an exhaustive ballot system which is how each of the vacancies was individually decided. We are pleased to welcome Messrs. Robert Tizzard, Ian Stewart and Tom Campbell to the council and express our thanks to the unsuccessful candidates for standing.

Planning Applications

There was much interest in the two planning applications for large house development 17/03964/OUT(56 dwellings at station road), and17/03985/OUT (65 dwellings at Wheathill Lane/Station Road junction). The chairman of the council confirmed that the opposition of many residents to these applications would be reflected in the response to the planning department, but could not prejudge the overall outcome of council discussions before they had taken place. It was noted that the deadline for submissions on these applications has been extended to 1st December and whilst council had considerable discussion about the issues, it was agreed that the final response would be agreed at the planning meeting on 21st November.

Village Agent Scheme

This scheme, whereby a trained and locally aware person is available to respond to people who have individual needs not otherwise addressed by statutory provision, was discussed following a presentation at the October meeting. Councillors were divided on the need for such a scheme, given that it would have a significant cost to the village. Council agreed to seek more information about the boundaries of the village agent scheme and as part of this, anyone who knows of such persons are asked to contact the Parish Clerk. Council does not need to know names, just the fact that a person in the village who could benefit, does exist.

Big Lottery Grant

To enhance safety and deter antisocial behaviour and drug taking, the provision of a vehicle barrier and car park lighting at the Springfield Road car park, has been under consideration for a long time. Council has managed to secure a grant of £10,000 to support this project and is seeking further grant funding from the District Council. In the meantime, it is seeking quotations for the work to be carried out.

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