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News from the Council Chamber - October 2017

In addition to the formal minutes which will be published in due course, at the full Council meeting on 3rd October, councillors asked for the following to be reported:

Somerset Village Agent Scheme

Councillors had a discussion with Mr. Raj Singh from the Community Council for Somerset about whether or not a "village agent" scheme should be considered in Milborne Port in cooperation with other local villages. The village agents scheme has trained, paid staff who are able to work locally, bridging the gap between statutory or voluntary bodies in support of isolated or vulnerable individuals in a community. With an aging population in Milborne Port, such a scheme may be very helpful at a modest cost to council. Councillors will consider the scheme at the November meeting where a motion to participate will be introduced. Anyone with views on this are invited to take contact with the Parish Council Clerk.

Dog Fouling

This issue seems to be a perennial one discussed at council. Correspondence to the Parish Council specifically concerning the fouling on the playing fields. With the winter football season in full swing , this is of particular concern. Council resolved to invite a member of SSDC to the next meeting in November to discuss what other measures can be put in place, including by-laws to prevent residents walking their dogs without leads, etc.

Conservation Area Review

Council also had a presentation/discussion with Adron Duckworth from SSDC who described SSDC's initial thoughts concerning changing the conservation areas within the Parish. He explained that determining conservation areas was the carried out by the district council based upon a 1990 acto of Parliament and they are further charged with reviewing this periodically. He stressed that this was a preliminary scheme and that any residents who would be affected, would be consulted. Councillors were asked to consider the proposals so that a response to SSDC could be formulated at next month's meeting.

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