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News from the Council Chamber - September 2017

Our monthly informal look at council business to supplement the formal minutes.

Parking Issues

Council discussed a letter from a resident concerned about difficulties encountered from parked cars. There never seems to be enough space for parking and Council would ask residents to park safely and courteously and to be mindfull of access issues for other residents and emergency services. Highways are aware of the issues involved and recognise that similar issues occur in many villages.

Dog Fouling

Another resident has complained that she was verbally abused when pointing out to a dog owner that dogs were not allowed on the play area. Dog excrement is particularly hazardous to human health which is why we have these rules in place. Councillors have also come across dog excrement on the playing fields. Council spend a significant amount of its income on providing and emptying bins to make it easy for residents to clear up after their animals. If you are a dog owner, please do your bit to help with this. Dog fouling is an offence with a heavy fine.

Gainsborough recreation area

There has been recent vandalism on the Gainsborough recreation area, with a seat being smashed and litter left around. It was not thought to be caused by local residents. If you notice any repeat of such behaviour, please notify the Parish Clerk.

A replacement litter bin will soon be placed at the play area and in October, replacement of some of the swings will be undertaken as well as new surface below the swings. The area will be cordoned off during the work and council would be grateful for your patience whilst this is done.

Excess Chairs

Council recently carried out a safety audit of the Town Hall and placed a limit on the occupancy of the council chamber. There are more chairs that the limit allows for and council intend to dispose of the excess. If any organisation wants such chairs (metal legged, plastic seats), they should get in touch with the Parish Clerk.

Conservation area to be extended

The conservation office of the Somerset Council has announced they will be consulting on a plan to change and extend the conservation areas within the village. The initial proposals are available for inspection at the Town Hall.

Redcliffe Homes

It was asked if council could make public the response it had made to Redcliffe homes. Note that this is not a response to district based upon a planning application but a direct response to the developer in advance of his planning application. It can be read here.

You are here: Home Parish Council News from the Council Chamber - September 2017