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News from the Council Chamber - August 2017

Another of our informal looks at Parish Council business to supplement the formal minutes of the monthly meeting.

Redcliffe Homes Proposal

Part of the agenda at the August meeting was dedicated to the Parish Council preparing a consolidated response to Redcilffe homes on their proposed development at Wheathill Way, recognising that there are many differing views about this within council and village residents in general. The Parish Council recognises that it has no authority regarding planning decisions, a point often not appreciated by members of the general public. There are in the order of 20 members of the public, several of which pleaded for the Parish Council to canvass against the development and who were angry that the Parish Council were not able to offer its draft response as a “round robin” for comment before dispatch.

Council information sources

There were concerns expressed by some residents present at the August Council meeting, that they did not know how to find information about the council activities. Parish Council full meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, with committee meetings on the third Tuesday. Agendas for all meetings are posted at least three working days in advance of each meeting on notice boards outside the council offices and the council noticeboard in the Tippling Philosopher car park. A reminder of the dates of the meetings is posted in the Milborne Port Magazine. Copies of the agenda and previous draft minutes are available on the Parish Council pages of the community website ( If any resident has further ideas of how we could promulgate such information, please get in touch with our clerk, Emma Curtis.

South West in Bloom

The Judging for this was completed in July and we eagerly await the results. The Parish Council would like to thank all those in the village who helped to keep the village tidy; this helped to support our competition chances as did the wonderful Parish Council sponsored hanging baskets.

New grants system in place

The Parish Council has made small grants to some village organisations on an annual basis in recent years. Recent work by our clerk has established that this “automatic” nature of grants should not be practiced and so at the last full council meeting, a policy for grants was adopted meaning that organisations will need to apply for grant funding in future. The policy and application form will shortly be included within the Parish Council pages of the community website and will of course be available in paper form from the council offices.

Town Hall Changes

Those who have visited the Town Hall in recent weeks will have seen some changes taking place, with new fire doors and emergency lighting. This has been carried out to improve the safety and security of the building. The latest addition is a video entry system to the Clerk’s office. Shortly, the door will no longer be open and you will need to be “buzzed in”. This addition has been carried out following the review of fire and other safety measures in the Town hall, including that of personal safety of the clerk as a lone worker.

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