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News from the Parish Council - December 2019

Cllr Tim Carty was proposed and voted for as vice-chairman of the parish council for the remainder of the municipal year.

District Council News:
District councillor Sarah Dyke confirmed that the widening of the conservation area had been approved and was now progressing through legals.

SSDC environmental strategy has now been adopted. The 16-page document is available to download as a PDF SSDC will give in the region of 50 bare root saplings/small trees to Parishes to be planted this year.

Changes to committees and council meetings.
The members took part in a workshop earlier in the year to decide whether the current committee structure, having been in place for a large number of years, was still working. It was proposed and agreed that the council should move to the following structure: Full council; Planning& Environment; Management and HR. Part of the Open Spaces committee remit will go to the new Planning & Environment committee, and the rest will sit with the new Management committee, while the full council will gain responsibility for financial oversight, as well as the responsibilities it currently has. HR will meet on an ad-hoc basis, with a minimum of 4 meetings per year. Updated terms of reference for the new committees will be agreed and available on the council website when ratified by full council.

The council meetings schedule for Jan-December 2020 is shown on the council diary. All meetings begin at 7.00 p.m., the exception being Planning & Environment meetings, which begin at 6.45 p.m.

You are here: Home Parish Council News from the Parish Council - December 2019