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News from the Council Chamber - September 2019

At the Full Council meeting on 3rd September, Members considered the Parish Council’s response to the South Somerset Local Plan 2016 – 2036 consultation. The Council’s response was first debated at the Planning Committee meeting on 20th August. The response from the Council is a compromise of many different opinions from within the Council. Residents are encouraged to make their own response to SSDC at SSDC Local Plan review

Read the Parish Council's response.

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News from the Council chamber – August 2019

Appointment of a Parish Clerk
A number of applications were received and after an initial sift, three applicants were invited to an interview on 6th August. The interview panel used a question and answer matrix based on competencies to ensure that each applicant was treated equally and fairly. After a long day of interviews and in-depth discussion, the panel recommended to the full council meeting held that evening that Simon Pritchard be offered the post. The council approved the recommendation unanimously and Mr Pritchard has accepted. He will be in post in the next few weeks.

He is experienced both as a Clerk and past town and district councillor in North Dorset and we all look forward to working with him.

Where’s SID? (The village speed indicator device)
SID has been recently been deployed at Crackmore and the top of Station Road over a six-week period. SID gives us some very useful statistics other than speeds. For instance, when SID was deployed at Crackmore over 4000 vehicles went through the village on the A30; whilst doing duty at Station Road some 600 vehicles headed into the village from the direction of Charlton Horethorne.
It is hoped that between SID and the Community Speedwatch team a schedule of use can be agreed to complement the Community Speedwatch activities keeping speeding down in the village.

Winter Gritting (yes, really)
It’s only August but the County Council is gearing up for winter. County Councillor William Wallace told the council meeting that consideration would be given this year to gritting other roads in the village and not just the A30. The Clerk will provide him with a list of truly hazardous roads in the village.

Local Plan consultation
An event was held at the village hall on 6th August to enable people to look at the proposed local plan for housing and amenity supply to take us up to 2036. It was not well communicated and therefore not well attended. However, it is vital we do comment – it’s our village!
The consultation goes on until 18th September, and you can look at the documents online. If you register for an account on the South Somerset District Council ( website you will be able to make comments directly on the plans. You can look at the documents by following this link

Neighbourhood Plan
The council resolved to start the formal process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan. It’s a big job, and needs many willing helpers, but it is vital for the future development of our village, and when done, developers and planners have to take note of the contents of the plan, as it is a legal document. This is a real community task and will take several years to complete.
If you are interested to read more about Neighbourhood Plans, you can find information at or or

External Audit
The council had to approve significant extra audit fees following a challenge from a member of the public. All potential grounds for complaint were rejected by the external auditor. Although the fees have to be paid, the Parish Clerk will send a letter of complaint to the auditor about the lack of clarity over the large extra fee.

Children’s summer reading group
The council approved the Village Hall committee’s request to use some of the Moviola grant funding to pay for the Camelot room hire for the children’s summer reading group. This will not impact on the upcoming Moviola season.

Road Closures

Two sets of Road Closures are scheduled for the end of August. The first, from 26 August for 5 Days affects Rosemary Street, whilst new High Power Cables are being laid. The second, running from 27 August for 9 days is in three phases and closes Rosemary Street, Paddock Walk and Lower Kingsbury for preparation and resurfacing. Marshals will be in place during the resurfacing. However, residents are warned they may be delayed by up to 40 minutes (to allow newly laid tarmac to cool enough for traffic to use). Obviously, this will be disruptive, particularly during “rush hour” but there isn’t a “pain free” way of getting the job done.


News from the Council Chamber – June 2019

The new “Gateways” to the village have been installed. Councillors noted that they do seem to encourage drivers to slow down more than standard speed indicators alone. We all hope that these, together with the mobile speed indicators will reduce speeding in and through the village.

The Council has decided to use the Canadian Solar Grant to resurface the Springfield Road Car Park but is also examining the feasibility of including Village Defibrillators, churchyard enhancements, a drinking fountain and swift boxes within its existing works. In parallel, the Council is investigating whether the various sports/fitness initiatives proposed might qualify for alternative funding from SSDC. Whilst circumstances currently preclude taking forward the Revive and Heritage proposals, enhancement of the Weigh-bridge area remains a future aspiration. Other proposals will not be taken forward however the Council wishes to thank all those who submitted proposals.

South West in Bloom judging takes place in the village on Tuesday 9th July. There will be a final “spruce-up” litter-pick in the village on SATURDAY 6th JULY. Please come and help if you have some time free. Tools and rubbish bags will be supplied. Please check the MP PC website for location and time (

Notice of Public Rights and publication of Annual Governance & Accountability return (AGAR)

Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates and all books, deeds, bills, vouchers, receipts and other documents to those records must be made available for inspection by any person interested. For the year ended 31 March 2019, these documents will be available on reasonable notice by application to the Parish Clerk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

This period of exercise of public rights will commence on Monday 17th June and continue to Friday 26th July 2019

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