Milborne Port

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The Stage

Village Hall stageThe Stage Area can be used for presentations, Amateur Dramatics, or for siting live entertainers or Disco Equipment.

The Main Hall and Stage area are fully wired for stage lighting for use with standard lighting control equipment. The Stage Curtain is fully operable.

Reception Area

Village Hall receptionThe reception area at the entrance to the Hall can be used as a Welcome Area to greet your guests or as a cash desk to collect entrance charges.

There are spaces for Notices and Information Boards to provide directions or information to the attendees.

Car Parking

The extensive Car Park has the capacity to accommodate the parking requirements of a Main Hall capacity audience. Use of the car park is free to Hirers although exclusive use of the car park cannot be guaranteed due to other events which may be taking place in the vicinity.Village Hall car park

You are here: Home Other Areas extra info