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Community Swimming Pool Vandalised

New Pool imageWe are very sorry to report that a group of youths/young men(?) got over the back school gate & over our pool fence to the pool enclosure on the evening of 5th July. A neighbour reports that they repeatedly kicked the enclosure to try to gain entry. This they failed to do, but they carved a large cross on our enclosure door before leaving. So sad that anyone would want to damage what our community have worked so hard to create and pay for, and which our whole community uses and enjoys. If anyone knows of any youths around the village at around 10.30pm on the 5th, please let us know.  Someone must know who they are. Meanwhile the pool team will be installing CCTV cameras to hopefully deter them from trying again, but such a shame that some of our flooring money will have to be used to pay for these cameras. The team will also have to start doing some night-time patrols to check the area and the police will be doing the same.

Bus Shelter Makeover

Bus shelter 1The bus shelter just adjacent to Crackmore Garage was sponsored by the WI some years ago. The Parish Council approved some redecoration last month and this has now been carried out by pupils of the Gryphon school and the Milborne Port Primary School. Some pictures of this and the artwork contained within can be seen on the gallery page. A great effort in brightening up the scene by these students. Thanks to all who contributed.

Road Problem reporting

roadsign-300pxSomerset County Council now have a clickable map for reporting potholes and other road problems. See the attached poster or go to and click drive to access this feature. There is a link to this website on the general>links page of this website also.

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