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Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - March 2019

hullabaloo blueFirst, it is likely that Somerset County Council will probably provide a mobile library van, to be parked in the village until permanent premises are available. This means that the library would continue to be open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday morning. Until now the Friends of the Library have been referring to this vehicle as a ‘static mobile’ which sounds somewhat contradictory. So, readers, we invite you to come up with a more appropriate name. Any suggestions can be emailed to me, see address below. I look forward to your ideas!

During the coming weeks we will be staging events to celebrate our Library’s time at Cross Cottage so keep an eye on the Village Magazine, local notice boards and in the building itself for information about what is happening. There are several ideas being explored. One is to hold a repeat of the very popular ‘Share and Swap’ session, where we share good books we have enjoyed and swap those we are prepared to part with. We could also hold another IT drop-in session, with volunteers on hand to help sort out queries relating to laptops, tablets etc. If you have any other ideas, please drop a note into the Friends Posting Box in the Library or email me.

Also it has been decided to move Story Time - now on Tuesdays from 10.30 – 11 am.

While the Library staff are very grateful for book donations, during this time of change they have been advised by Somerset County Council not to accept any further donations for the time being.

Discussions are continuing between the Parish Council, Somerset County Council and FOMPL on enabling the Library to share part of the Community Hub to be built within the proposed new development on Station Road.

Finally, YOUR LIBRARY NEEDS YOU! Do you have some free time? Would you like to support your local community? Would you like to meet and help other people? If you’d like to become a Library Volunteer, why not talk to the staff at the library, or search for ‘somerset library volunteer’ online. It should take you to SCC’s web pages

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