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Planning appeal hearing

news-800pxOn Tuesday 22nd January, the appeal against the decision to refuse planning permission for 54 houses to be built off Station Road (17/03964/OUT) was heard in a public meeting at the Milborne Port Village Hall. The planning inspector, Mr. Robert Parker heard submissions from the appellant and from the District Council who were opposing the appeal. About 30 members of the public were present including several members of the Parish Council, Primary School Governors and other interested parties who also had the opportunity to make representation to the inspector.

The meeting lasted from 10am until 5:30 pm with a short break for lunch and a site visit. Most of the morning session was taken up with issues of how the development would fit into the village setting, both physically and from a social cohesion point of view. This included matters such as the integration of footpaths, distance to facilities, adequacy of facilities and the like. In a somewhat surprising statement, the District Council produced information from the County Council education services stating that it would not be possible to increase the size of the primary school on its present site, beyond that which is already planned (a planning application has been submitted for an extra classroom to service the load from already approved planning applications).

During the afternoon session, much of the discussion centred on the issue of highways safety, particularly, the ability to create a safe junction on Station Road for access and egress from the proposed new development. As part of the written appeal, the appellant produced data and diagrams showing that this junction could be made safe. This was, however, contested by the District Council and also by the Parish Council.

At the close of the meeting, the inspector thanked all parties and the public for their contributions and stated that he had not yet come to a conclusion on the matter and expected to issue his decision in 4-5 weeks.

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