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Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) FEBRUARY 2019

hullabaloo blueThe Friends of Milborne Port Library, together with the Parish Council, are continuing to explore ways to secure the future of the Library. On the 19 December 2018 FOMPL members met with Susi Calder, Voluntary Sector Advisor (South Somerset) & Volunteer Development Manager (SPARK). Her advice was that FOMPL form what is known as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The CIO would work in a Community Library Partnership (CLP) with Somerset County Council, who would continue to provide library services and IT support.

On 2 January 2019 the Friends held an extraordinary General Meeting which was open to the public. A total of around 30 attended meaning that some people had to sit on the floor. It was unanimously decided that we should go ahead with changing the constitution and submitting an application to form a CIO. Thanks to Rick Jones’ incredibly hard work this is now in progress. At the General Meeting we welcomed three new Trustees: Lucy Macarthur, Geoff Ward and Andrew Perks.

The issue of premises is still under discussion. Unfortunately the favoured plan to have the library in the town hall while a new hub building is being built has fallen foul of current health and safety regulations and we are looking at Plan B, a permanently installed mobile library vehicle still staffed by our library staff.  The Parish Council have continued to be very supportive and agreed to join Somerset County Council in funding staffing costs.

On 15th Jan, members of the Library Reading Group celebrated the New Year at a Thai Restaurant in Shaftesbury.  It proved to be a very jovial evening, with wonderful, fresh, colourful food to match the lively conversation – not all of it about books!  A Reading Group has been meeting monthly in the Library for over 17 years, and current members are waiting, somewhat impatiently, to find out where they will meet after the end of March.  One thing is for certain, they will get together somewhere!

Jill Spring

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