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Heritage LogoOur Annual General Meeting was well attended with lively discussions taking place and many suggestions being made for the coming year.

The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group will be presenting research done on an important mediaeval building which they have recently identified in our village.

The talk on The History of Church Houses will be on Monday 18th March 2019 at 7.30 in Church House. We would encourage anyone in Milborne Port who would like the history of their house investigated to come to the meeting. This might lead to a comprehensive survey of historical village architecture in the future.

Our Oral History project is progressing well with recordings having been made this year and others already planned. It is possible to hear these recordings during the opening hours in the museum. This is an important project for the village however it is very time consuming and requires a degree of expertise so we are pleased with its success so far.

We are very grateful to our members for their invaluable support and we intend to organise members events this year to show our appreciation.

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