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Poppies and Bells

libertybell2Since 2014, the bell ringers have been honouring the memory of the servicemen who were killed in WWI, and whose names appear on our village war memorial. We have done this by ringing the bells ‘half-muffled’ for a short period of time from 6pm on the 100th anniversary of their deaths. If you are unclear what ‘half-muffled’ is, it is when the bells are heard to make loud dongs, followed by softer or muffled dongs. This is achieved by securing a leather cup to one side of the clapper, so that when the clapper strikes the bell, alternate strikes are loud/quiet, loud/quiet. We have been pleased to welcome friends and family members of six of these servicemen, and who have joined us in the ringing chamber to share a short prayer and to watch and listen as we ring.

The final soldier we will be honouring in this way is on Tuesday 6th November. It has been a real privilege to be able to do this: our small contribution to the four years of nationwide remembrance. On Sunday 11th November, Armistice Day, we will ring the bells ‘half-muffled’ from 10am for the Service of Remembrance and then, from 12:15pm, the bells will sound out for a period of ‘open’ (ie without muffles) ringing, coinciding with ringers nationwide to mark the centenary for the end of the conflict.

To complement the information gathered by Naomi Thorp on these servicemen, a group of 23 ladies have been busy knitting and crocheting poppies for display in the church. Around 1000 flowers have been made and they will be in church from Monday 5th November until Friday 23rd November. Do come and look at them. Again, it was a privilege to be able to do this, and our way of thanking these men who gave up their lives for future generations.

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