Milborne Port

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poppyOn Thursday 3rd May at 6pm the bell ringers of St John's will commemorate the life of : 

Thomas Richard BLISS died 03.05.1918
148 Squadron, RAF


lapugnoyThomas Bliss had enlisted on 15th March 1917 and at first the only information found was that, at the time of his death, he was an Air Mechanic 2nd Class, attached to 148 Squadron, was 19 years old and is buried at Lapugnoy Military Cemetery, 4 miles west of Bethune.

Further searches on the internet uncovered an entry concerning 148 squadron, which showed that he was killed, along with three other men, (T. Park, G Ritchie and P. Vines) in a German bombing raid on their airfield at Auchel, in the Bethune Sector, early on the morning of 3rd May 1918.

His parents, Sam and Alice Bliss lived in Coldharbour, Milborne Port and the entries in the 1911 Census indicate that they managed a Co-Operative shop, maybe the one in the village. Thomas was the third of their four children.

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