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Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - February 2018


Black FOMPL logo002The New Year started with three welcome events – and one piece of very unwelcome news.

On 18th Jan, local author Caroline Newark gave us an entertaining account of her efforts to trace her family history. This led her to discover the extraordinary life of her 17th great-grandmother, Joan of Kent, cousin of the King of England. It was a story that just had to be told, and her book ‘The Fair Maid of Kent’ was the result.

Caroline’s talk was full of intriguing information about the great historical figures of the time and gave us a glimpse into the world of women in the 14th Century. She became so fascinated by the stories she uncovered that she has embarked on what is to be a series of books, each focussing on one of the women in her family tree. Her next book, ‘The Pearl of France’, about Marguerite, sister of the French King, is about to be published.

Story and Rhyme Time is back as a regular event on Friday mornings at 10.30 – 11 (in term time). Come along with your young children and enjoy this friendly experience. It’s never too early to introduce children to the treasures to be found in Books!

Our Reading Group has been meeting since 2001, originally celebrating Christmas by perching plates of eats on upturned book crates in the Library.   Eventually the Group started celebrating in one or the other of their homes, but – this year – branched out and enjoyed a Thai Treat in Shaftesbury. The rain en route turned to snow as they crested the heights, but all was well for the drive home. A good evening, good company, good food, what more could anyone ask?

Now for the bad news. Milborne Port is among 15 Libraries to be affected by SCC cost-saving proposals that have put nearly half of libraries in Somerset at risk of closure. We are included among libraries for whom the proposals are either:

* A partnership with the local community to maintain a library building, or
* An additional mobile library service.

Proposals for some of the other libraries affected across the county include a significant sentence to the first * option* indicating, that they would be (supported by some funding from the County Council).  Milborne Port would not!  

Many of the other Libraries affected also have an option about their library service being offered as an Outreach Service in a community building. Milborne Port would not!

For 12 weeks, starting on 29thJan. we can comment via a Survey, (ideally Online, though a paper version will be available). One of the Library computers will be dedicated to this process, with help available from Library staff. (Note also, article on consultation meeting)

This process is vitally important for our future, so please do go into the Library and have your say. Find out more at: http:/ 

You are here: Home News Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - February 2018