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Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - January 2018

Black FOMPL logo002The lovely Christmas Tree in our Library, so kindly donated by Spirit of Milborne Port, has been giving everyone joy, and we do thank them for it. They tell us that they selected it precisely for the space in our Library, and they certainly got it right!

SheepThere has been something mysterious going on, though. Our flock of sheep were safely gathered in from their hiding places and placed on the tree by the children, but the Black Sheep keeps disappearing! My fellow Trustee, Jill Spring, says: “I think the Black Sheep is living up to its name and has Done a Runner or is Up To No Good, somewhere down the back of the filing cabinet.”   Ho, Ho, Ho is all I can say to that. Or perhaps: “He’s BEHIND you!”

Seriously though, the run up to Christmas has been great fun, and we have two pieces of good news to look forward to in the New Year.

storytime at libraryFirst, we have heard from Mums who would like us to start a new Story and Rhyme Time. We propose starting this on Friday 12th January, from 10.30-11am (term-time only). If you would like to be involved, our Library staff, Sue and Edwina, will give you all the details. Or just come along on 12th January to join in.

We’re also looking forward to the visit by local author Caroline Newark, who will be telling us about her book telling the story of her 17th times greatFair maid of Kent-grandmother, The Fair Maid of Kent. This will be our first opportunity to meet with an author here, and we’re very excited about it. Caroline Newark will be with us at 10.30 am, on Thursday 18th January. Space in our Library is so limited that you will need a ticket. They are FREE, and you can get one from the Library staff. But, at this time there are only SIX Tickets left, so hurry to the Library to collect yours!

In January we are also expecting ‘certain communications’ (their words) to reach the Library from the County Council. We expect this to give more detail on plans for the Library Service for the next 3 years, and beyond. We are anticipating that there will be Consultation forms to enable us to respond to the plans.

If that happens before our next report comes out, we will do our best to spread the word by Posters, the Village Website, by email if we have your email address, and by word of mouth. Do please keep an eye and ear open for this, as we know that the County Council are facing severe financial constraints, and these are like to affect our Library.

Finally, on a more light-hearted note –the jigsaw puzzlers are still appealing for more, both 500 pieces and 1000 pieces. Make the New Year the time to turn out any puzzles you have done yourself and donate them to the Library. And you can always borrow a puzzle to do during the idle days of January!

We wish you all Good Reading in the New Year!

You are here: Home News Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - January 2018