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Friends of Milborne Port Library (FOMPL) - November 2017

Black FOMPL logo002Celebrating National Libraries Week in the Autumn instead of the Spring felt strange, and it was difficult to get our imaginations working so soon after the jollifications of the Summer Reading Challenge. However, good things did happen.

Three classes of children from the Primary School visited for Story Times, led by our valiant Storyteller, Sue Spencer.   We couldn’t fit a visit by the Junior Librarians from the school into the Week, but they are booked to come in on 7th November. These visits from the School are always fun and interesting, and the School staff are keen to strengthen the bonds between us in the future.

Jill Spring, one of our trained IT Volunteers, sat patiently in the Library for the advertised Drop In session one afternoon, but nobody Dropped In! Can it be that everyone in the village is so computer-savvy that they can’t imagine getting help to perfect their skills? Maybe the timing was wrong. The Share and Swop Party was a sociable late afternoon event. Drinks and nibbles were delicious, and many books changed hands. Someone said that this should be a regular event, so maybe the Reading Group can be persuaded to invite us again some time.

The regular Story and Rhyme Time for very young children happened during that Week, but it is time to review the timing for this. Parents of young children who would be interested in coming to Story and Rhyme Time – do let the Library staff know, and then we can work out best times and days to suit you.

We would also like to remind you all that there is a Home Delivery Service for anyone who can’t get to the library easily. If you, or are a neighbour or friend of someone who is in this situation, would be interested in this, let the library staff know (Tel: 250 355) and they will let you know all about it.

On a lighter note – the Jigsaw Puzzlers would like some new 500-piece puzzles, if you have any to pass on! Currently, we keep a stack of puzzles on the windowsill in the library and you can chose from those without having to order them.

Apart from National Libraries Week, the major event this month was the meeting between representatives of the Friends, the Parish Council, County Councillor William Wallace, and Officers of the County Council, at the Town Hall on 17th October.

This was one of a series of meetings being held with library stakeholder groups across the County. The Information Pack gave us ’facts and figures’ about our Catchment Area, including a two-week snapshot survey of how many people used the various services available in our library. The stated purpose of the meeting was ‘to discuss the need and usage of our library and options for improving the library through greater community involvement.

The Council Officers emphasised that this was an exploratory meeting, to gather opinions and ideas to feed into the preparation of a 3-year plan for Library Services in Somerset. Although nothing has been decided yet, the fact that half a million pounds must be saved from the Library Service over the next 3 years, does imply that everything about the running of the Service will inevitably be under review.  

The 3-year plan should be published by the end of the year. We shall be waiting, with some anxiety, to hear how the Council plan to manage a county-wide library service on a reduced budget and how this will impact on us in Milborne Port.

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