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Litter Pick

litter pickOver the last couple of years, Elle Wilson has done a marvelous job of organising the periodic village litter picks. However, it is now time for someone else as they say, to step up to the plate and take this role over. It is not an arduous task as equipment (bags etc.) is available and the picks are only organised a couple of times a year. So if anyone would like to pick up on this role, please get in touch with this website or with the Parish Council office.

You can see from the picture of a previous pick that the enthusiasm that this generates makes short work of the task and gets people together. What's not to like!Litter pick group Medium

Of course, it would be nice if these litter picks were unneccesary, but unfortunately not all are as conscientious about proper disposal as most seek to be.

You are here: Home News Litter Pick