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Gardening club thankful for our gardens

GardeningThe month of May should have been a busy time for the Gardening Club with the annual plant sale and also a planned demonstration of planting up hanging baskets and summer containers. Members were to bring their own chosen container to make up. Castle Gardens had agreed to send us a wonderful selection of plants on a discounted sale or return basis. Disappointment aside, early June is a good time to plant up for summer colour (especially as it seems it may be some time before we have complete freedom to roam so need our gardens looking as good and colourful as possible).

We are fortunate to live in this lovely part of the country where most of us have some sort of garden or open space to enjoy. If you do plan to add colour to your garden you should be able to find a beautiful selection of plants in our local, recently opened Garden Centres. You can also enjoy the gardens at the Ball Court and the Grove in Church Street during your daily exercising. Both these gardens are now being wonderfully maintained by village volunteers and look splendid.

One last personal note on hanging baskets - I am an organic gardener and so have a problem from snails and slugs when growing salad vegetables, particularly when they are young and tender so I also grow these in hanging baskets. I have done this for many years with great success. Do give it a try if you have somewhere to hang an extra basket or two. It is not necessary to hide them away as they can also look most attractive if they are planted up with a mixture of different salad types.

You are here: Home News Gardening club thankful for our gardens