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WI - Life in lockdown

WI logoChristine Porter writes; our President, Jan, is supplying us with regular newsletters which  is a way of keeping in touch with everyone during these strange times.  Members are encouraged to contribute to these by saying how they have been keeping themselves busy, providing funny anecdotes and competitions etc.   It is hoped that no-one is left feeling too lonely even if they don't want to physically go out of their gardens.   Personally, I am enjoying my walks around the village and passing the time of day with different people.

When I walk through the Ball Court, I see the smart litter bin there which was provided by the W.I. some ten years or so ago. Another of our 'projects' was refurbishing the bus shelter by Crackmore Garage three or four years ago, spearheaded by Maureen Lock.   A small working party of WI members, plus one or two husbands/partners tidied the surroundings and repainted the shelter then both students from the Gryphon school as well as our own primary school decorated it by painting a mural and supplying and decorating the tiles, plus planting flowers.   We also planted a tree at the Weighbridge and look after the the planters close by. We were in the middle of discussing another project to enhance the village and hope to be able to carry on with this when we are allowed to meet as before.

Our present chairman of Somerset Federation has sent a video to all branches encouraging us and hoping that we can meet again before too long. In the meantime, keep safe everyone and enjoy the sunshine.

You are here: Home News WI - Life in lockdown