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Milborne Port Climate & Nature Action group

climate emergency logoEveryone is cordially invited to the three following informal events in March at the Town Hall, starting with the following.. We would welcome your input and be glad to try to answer any questions.

Saturday 14th March 2-3pm Town Hall
‘Project Hedgehog: nature restoration in Milborne Port’


 hedgehog• Wildlife–friendly gardening
• Trees, woodland and rewilding: how and where to increase these areas in the village
• Share ideas on restoring nature in the village (leaflets available)
• Free samples of wildflower and other seeds
• Learn about permaculture
• Try some tasty treats!

Credit: Hugh Warwick Author, ecologist, spokesperson for the BHPS and Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University

Nature is fundamental to life on earth yet the scale and pace of the decline in biodiversity from human activity is listed by the World Economic Forum as one of the top five risks to humanity over the next 10 years. There is a largely “unnoticed insect apocalypse”. Conservationists say this should set alarm bells ringing as without a halt there will be profound consequences for humans and all life on Earth, but that insect populations can be rescued, by introducing firm targets to cut pesticide use and making urban parks and gardens more wildlife friendly. Insects are essential for us and all ecosystems, as pollinators, food for other creatures, and recyclers of nutrients. In the UK, the population of hedgehogs is declining alarmingly, so though many birds, insects and other species will also benefit we chose hedgehogs to name this project to help restore wild flowers, butterflies, bees, other insects and the birds, mammals and amphibians depending on them, for everyone’s enjoyment as well as the vital services they provide us with.

Saturday 21st March 2-3pm Town Hall
‘Working together for a brighter, healthier future’

An invitation to individuals and groups within Milborne Port

  • Meet and explore ways we can work together to help combat climate change
  • Tasty treats to try!

Why? The climate crisis can only be solved by concerted action. The choice is a much worse future without action or a better one. Life as we have known it is no longer an optio

Thursday 26th March 7-8pm Town Hall
‘On yer bike’

  • Sign the petition for a safe pedestrian and cycle route to Sherborne
  • Exchange ideas on how we can promote such a route
  • How will we campaign for better public transport
  • Walk our Way to Health week, April 27th

Why? Air pollution already causes major health problems including 7 million premature deaths a year. Emissions from transport are a major climate contribution to climate change. Walking and cycling is better for our health, and our bank accounts. The majority of car journeys are short, avoidable ones.

Friday March 13th 11.30-12.00 outside the Town Hall:
All ages are welcome at the next Youth Climate Strike in Milborne Port to urge the government to step up its emergency climate action:. Photos taken at 12 noon for everyone to send to our MP demanding greater, more urgent action on the climate crisis. Please come to urge action for a future we can all look forward to. There is coffee and cake in the WI room 10.30-12. If you are unable to join a strike, consider your own photo strike, or write to our MP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No one person can stop global warming but together we CAN. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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