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Milborne Port Opera - The Arcadians

MPOWe are proud to present to you a gem of a show – a smash hit for composer Lionel Monckton back in the day and newly polished up!

The Arcadians is set in the idyllic land of Arcadia, whose inhabitants, still living in a golden age of innocence and forgotten by Time, have never experienced conflict or jealousy.

ArcadiansAll this changes when the Cockney businessman and amateur aviator, Jim Smith, crashes his aeroplane into Arcadia.  Horrified by his tales of commerce and double-dealing, the Arcadians transform Jim to one of themselves, and decide to send two “missionaries”, Cara and Melissa, back to England with him, in an attempt to bring truth and beauty to the “monsters” who live in London. 

Arriving at Askwood Races, the Arcadian girls discover a world of betting and love-rivalry, as they meet a whole new cast of characters like the dashing amateur jockey, Jack, the spirited Irish visitor, Eileen, and the dastardly racehorse owner, Sir George Paddock.  As for Jim, he runs into his own wife, the feisty Maria, who doesn’t recognise him in his Arcadian disguise, but, like the entire female population of London, takes a decided fancy to him. You will love the lyrical operatic music of Arcadia, and the jaunty music-hall style of the numbers in the second half of the show, which are based on popular dance rhythms like the quickstep and the two step.  We guarantee you will go out humming these unjustly-forgotten tunes!

Join us at in Arcadia, at the Askwood Races and in “The Arcadia Restaurant”, at Milborne Port Village Hall from 15th to 18th April.  New for this year: reserved seating.  Tickets available online 

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