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WI to meet at Church House

WI logoOur July meeting was very well attended with over thirty members, plus two guests who happened to be working at the International School in Sherborne for the summer.  The younger one is President of her WI in Stoke-on-Trent and they are a very young group but she recognized many similarities between our two institutes I hope they enjoyed their visit to Milborne Port, 

Our speaker was Liz Prest who runs courses at Denman and her talk was 'A Pop of Colour'.   She told us that everyone can wear any colour; they just have to find a shade to suit them.

After the talk we stopped for coffee and chatted among ourselves until Jan spoke about various business matters.   She also thanked Hazel and Janet for organizing our recent trip to Cothay Manor, near Wellington.   We chose a lovely sunny day, of which there have been several this month, which helped to make it a really nice day's outing.   The house goes back to medieval times with some original wall paintings, and the grounds comprised of several walled gardens, a lake and several acres of unspoilt grassland.   The visit included the obligatory tea and cake which was appreciated.

Our meeting in August takes place at Church House and is for members and guests.   We will be serving a cold supper with several delicious puddings made by some of our members.   I hope the weather is fine enough for us to go out into the garden.

Please call in to our room in the old Town Hall on Friday mornings for coffee/teas and cake.   We look forward to seeing our regular clientele plus visitors.

You are here: Home News WI to meet at Church House