Milborne Port

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Upcoming Roadworks affecting Milborne Port

roadsign-300pxMore roadworks affecting various roads in Milborne Port are about to start. Please click on the appropriate link to find out more information

Bauntons Orchard, Milborne Port, Somerset

24 January - 24 January


Wheathill Lane, Milborne Port, Somerset


23 January - 27 January


Gainsborough, Milborne Port, Somerset


27 January β€” 29 January



Roadworks at Springfield Road

roadsign-300pxBetween 20th-31st January, there will be roadworks at Springfield Road with traffic control. See Springfield Road, Milborne Port, Somerset for details

Milborne Port Climate & Nature Action group

climate emergency logoTalking about climate change is the most important thing we can do
and everybody can do that

The question is not whether we have to get to net carbon zero soon. The question is - have you personally declared a climate emergency? Have you made your personal climate action plan? Whether for yourself, your home, your workplace, or in your community, it’s time for each of us to play our part. As with a war, no one person can win it alone but this crisis arises from the lifestyles of millions of us and each of us has our part to play in addressing it.

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Neighbourhood Policing Team to Visit Milborne Port

Somerset police badgeWe have just been informed that the Wincanton Neighbourhood Policing Team are planning a series of crime prevention and burglary patrols to be carried out on the 19th January and will be in Milborne Port between 19.00 – 21.00.  They will be carrying out foot patrol in the town to identify vulnerable premises and speaking to local people about crime prevention.

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