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Town Hall Booking Conditions

Hire Charges 2013

£7.50 per hour

Enquiries and applications to hire shall be made to the Parish Clerk, Emma Curtis.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 01963 251268

1. Any hirer making a booking must be over 25 years of age, be present during the period of the hiring and responsible for the following:

a) The cost of making good any damage caused to the building, furniture or equipment and for reporting any damage immediately is the responsibility of the hirer. The full cost of repairs will be charged to the hirer.

b) Ensuring and enforcing a good standard of behaviour by all persons on the property during the hiring.

c) Unless otherwise arranged, removing any materials brought in and seeing that all parts of the building and grounds are left tidy, clean and free from rubbish and litter at the end of the hiring.

d) Ensuring all lights and water heaters are turned off and doors and windows are closed and locked, including fire exit doors.

2. Hirers must indicate the full nature of the hiring at the time of the booking application and notify any intended change to this before the date of the booking.

3. The Parish Council will not, in any circumstances, consider claims for loss of cash, valuables or possessions during the hiring, or left on the premises after the hiring and shall not be responsible for any injury caused to persons using the property.

4. Cancellation at short notice may require the full agreed hire charge to be paid.

5. Fire and Police Officers, Parish Council and the Parish Clerk shall be afforded right of entry on relevant occasions.

6. The sale of alcoholic refreshment shall not be allowed at any time and sale shall be taken as meaning the reimbursement for the cost of such refreshment in any form by persons on the premises. The consumption of alcoholic refreshment shall be allowed only when provided by the hirer:

a) for guests at strictly private functions;

b) on occasions at which admission is by ticket which includes an amount for alcoholic refreshment and previously

c) bought elsewhere and when the amount of such refreshment per ticket has the Parish Council’s approval.

7. Please return the keys promptly to the Parish Clerk.

8. Regulations stipulate that the maximum number of persons allowed in a Town Hall at any one event is 50.



You are here: Home Meeting Venues Town Hall Town Hall Booking Conditions