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Parish Plan at the Village Fete

Members of the Parish Council were at the village fete on 3rd June showing the initial results of the Parish Plan survey. Analysis is not complete but the raw output of the questionnaires so far processed were displayed in graphical form. A PDF of the data displayed can be downloaded by clicking here.

Parish Plan Survey 2017

logoThe available period for residents to complete the Parish Plan survey is now complete. We have had 272 responses out of the 1400 or so copies delivered to each household in the village and outlying areas (Milborne Wick). Of these, there were some 233 paper copies returned and 39 filled in on line. Thank you to all those taking the time and trouble to fill one in. There is a meeting of the Parish Plan group at the Town Hall on Monday at 7:30pm when they will decide the schedule for analysing the responses and determine when and where the prize draw is to be conducted. Watch this space for more information.

Planning for real results

Previous articles on these pages have shown the efforts before and during the fete with the "Planning for Real" excercise where we created a map of the village showing in some detail, the built environment for Milborne Port and Milborne Wick. You can find all the comments made at the event, colour coded by theme. As soo as the summaries become available in electronic form, these will be added to these pages.

Planning for Real at the Fete

IMG 0917The Parish Plan redevelopment garnered much interest at the Milborne Port fete on Saturday 4th June, with its "planning for real" exhibit. The picture shows the status of the minature Milborne Port early in the procedings where people were encouraged to stick flags in the village where they thought there was an opportunity for improvement, stating what that opportunity was. By the end of the afternoon, the board was covered in issues needing attention. These were meticulously transferred to data tables for subsequent analysis. Watch this space for an update on what was found. Many thanks to all who helped, and especially Tim Cook from the district council who helped with the process.

Milborne Wick Rebuilt

Milborne WickThe "planning for real" exercise, took a step further with the completion of Milborne Wick, the representation being shown in the attached photograph. The exercise will culminate on Fete day, with the whole of the Parish being laid out for residents to see and comment on their aspirations for the future.

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