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Newsletter 5th September 2013

With the children back to school, it is a reminder of the autumn season of activities getting underway. The Milborne Port Opera have started rehearsals for their production of “Utopia Limited” next spring, and for the second year, Screen Bites, the combination of a good film and an opportunity to sample local produce will be coming to the village on 17th October.

Also getting back underway after the summer is the fortnightly meeting of the gardening club, with a range of activities for the keen gardeners amongst you.

The next event for the Spirit of Milborne Port, following the successful summer fete and party, is the Michaelmas Market at the ball court and along the High Street on 28th September. You can also look at their plans for future events into next year, here.

The friends of Milborne Portfriends of Milborne Port library continue with their excellent work, with nearly 50 children taking part in their reading challenge.

The Silverthorne farm open day was a great success with nearly 270 visitors and over £600 raised for cancer research. Macmillan cancer fund is also looking to raise money from two coffee mornings, one by the WI (including their cake sale) on 20th September, and then one a week later at Church house.

We note the departure of two of our local GPs (Drs. Gledhill and Gaymer) following many years of service to our community. Retirement beckons we wish them well in that new stage of life.

Unfortunately, the attempted peal by the bellringers was not successful on the last day of August, but undeterred they will make a new attempt before the year is out.

Please look around the website and it you want to comment, add some titbits or otherwise contribute, please get in touch

Newsletter 10th August 2013

Somewhat of a gap following the last newsletter in June because of holidays, so let us catch up with news and upcoming events in the village.

The conscientious watering of the hanging baskets has kept them in good order despite the massive amount of sun and dry weather we have had recently. This helped show them off well for the judging of our village’s entry in the SW in bloom competition on July 8th.

Also blessed with the good weather this year was the Church fete on July 13th where ices creams sold out in record time. The Church will be holding a fund raising summer BBQ TOMORROW with proceeds in aid of Help for Heros and CRUSE bereavement care.

One Wednesday of this coming week, there will be a meeting regarding community speed watch in the Town hall. This will be led by our new PCSO, Callum Davis. A good opportunity to go and meet him, find out about speed watch and maybe get involved.

It might be summer but the Friends of Milborne Port Library have been busy as usual. You can read about the library activities here.

There is great news about our public toilets which were closed last year. The Commonalty charity are in the process of buying the building and intend to reopen them in due course.

On Saturday 31st August, the bellringers of Milborne Port will attempt a full peal starting at 9am. This will involve non stop ringing for over three hours. We wish them well.

Ever wondered where your eggs come from? A chance to see a working farm and have a fun day out whilst helping to raise funds for charity is being given by Silverthorne Farm on 1st September who are having an open day.

Finally, looking further into September, the Spirit of Milborne Port Michaelmas market will be held on 28th September. Make a note in your diary and watch for further advertising of this event.

Please look around the website and it you want to comment, add some titbits or otherwise contribute, please get in touch.

Newsletter 24th May 2013

Just a couple of days before Richard Duckworth gives his “yesterday’s Milborne Port Milborne Port at the school, with all proceeds towards the school library. Another fundraiser, this time at the village hall is a bingo evening on 1st June in aid of the carers trust.

This month, the big “go to” event is the Village Fête and Party at the Port on Saturday June 8th. Beginning with a fancy dress competition at the school at 1pm, there will then be a procession to the village hall where the fête will be opened at 2pm. All the traditional fête attractions will be there including an international car pageant. For the evening, the Party at the Port will kick off at 7p.m.

Of course the fête is organised by The Spirit of Milborne Port, and there is a short report of the last event, the spring market here.

This year for the first time, Milborne Port is entering the SW in Bloom competition. Hanging baskets on the High Street will be one visible sign of this competition.

The Friends of Milborne Port library has been very active and it is good read of the computer literacy work being done by them. They will also have a stall at the village fête where you can read about their continuing activities.

Our new PCSO Callum Davis will be starting to pound the beat on his own shortly as he comes to the end of shadowing another officer. Say hello to him as you see him around the village and make him feel welcome.

Towards the end of the month, the Dorset Lupus group will be holding one of their regular meetings at Church House. If you want to know more about this chronic disease, the group welcome any visitors to their meeting.

Don’t forget, in addition to this newsletter you can also get information about the village from the Milborne Port Magazine, published by St. John’s Church.

Newsletter 19th June 2013

The Milborne Port summer fete, organised by the Spirit of Milborne Port might be behind us but that is not the end of the summer celebrations. This coming Saturday 22nd June will be the School summer fayre, and during this there will the possibility to use the school pool. Those of you who look at the diary on this website regularly will see that we have added a further category of events, that being sport. We have also added an additional diary to reflect the swimming pool bookings. We are working hard to make this a venue that can be booked on line as with Church House and the Town hall, but this is taking a little longer than expected. Please bear with us while we get this sorted out.

As we start to get some warmer weather, the hanging baskets can be seen flourishing along the hight stree and you will have seen the planting of wild flowers at eaither end of the village. All this will be taken as part of the entry for the SW in Bloom competition which the village has entered. Judging will be in early July.

on Sunday 7th July, there will be a car boot sale at the school with proceeds towards the swimming pool roof fund.

Towards the end of June the MP Opera will be having its evening soiree for the members of the MPO.

The annual Church Fete will be held on 13th July at Church House. In other Church matters, you also may have heard about the imminent departure of Rector Graeme Hartley, and his message of farewell will be published in the Milborne Port magazine in July.

Our new PCSO Callum Davis has finished is probationary period and is now to be seen out and about in the village. The first of his reports is here.

Newsletter 26th April 2013

Our monthly round up of what we know to be happening in the village. Please click on the links to find out more and if you know of other things happening, please contact the webmaster to update.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library held their AGM in April and their report this month also contains some statements by the main political parties.

On the 3rd May, the WI will be holding a fashion show and sale at Church House. All proceeds will go towards support of the new library at the Primary School. Also supporting the library later in the month, Richard Duckworth will be putting on a movie show “Yesterday’s Milborne PortMilborne Port” at the Primary School on 25th May.

We now have our new PCSO, Callum Davis who has just started pounding the beat; say hello if you see him around. The work of our previous PCSO, Mandy is not forgotten, however, as the official opening of the new Gainsborough play area is on 4th May.

The Milborne Port gardening club will be having a plant sale at the Weybridge on 11th May; perhaps this is a time to get along and get some plants to smarten up our gardens as the village has now entered the South West in Bloom competition, and hanging baskets will soon go up along the High Street.

The first event of the year organised by the Spirit of Milborne Port was an all age party at the village hall. Much fun was had as you can read here. That is just the start of the events planned by the group and the next one is a Spring Market which will be held on 18th May all along the High Street. The regular Farmers Market at the Queens head will this month be on 5th May.

Towards the end of the month, on 20th May, the annual general meeting of the village hall will be held at the village hall.

Looking forward into June, the 8th is the day for the grand village fete and party. The Spirit of Milborne Port committee are working towards an event that can at least match last year’s Jubilee fete.

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