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Newsletter 1st August 2014

Holidays prevented me from putting a newsletter together last month. My apologies for that. If anyone would like to aid continuity in future by helping manage the website, please do get in touch.

Of course the summer fete and Church fete are now but memories, but you can read about the village fete success here.

The judging for SW in Bloom occurred early in July, and a report of the day can be found here. The gardening club also reports on it activities. Bees have been much in the news in the last year or so, with alarming tales of bee population collapse and the dramatic impact that has on food crops. So it is good to hear of our own community bee project and opportunities to help.

This coming Sunday 3rd August, there will be a BBQ at Church house, with funds raised in aid of repairs to the roof of the Church. Contact Margaret Baker on 250572 for details. Later in the Month, Gainsborough House will be holding a family cream tea event.

At the end of the month, Lucy Bennett will be hosting a charity event for her own special cause. Read all about it here.

Roads up in the middle of the village and the appearance of new green telecoms boxes makes one think that superfast broadband may be around the corner, and indeed a research of the various telecoms web sites reveal that although BT are not yet accepting orders, fibre optic broadband will be available in the village by September or October, which is only a couple of months off.

Of course, no newsletter would be complete without news of what the Friends of Milborne Port library are doing. Of course some of this is now past but it is good to know how active our library is, and especially supportive towards children of the village.

Newsletter 2nd June 2014

The High street is now bedecked with bunting and ablaze with colour from the hanging baskets to welcome the start of summer. Let us hope that the weather gods will be kind to us this year.

Of course the first event that the arrival of the bunting heralds is the Village Fete and Party @ the Port which will take place this coming Saturday 7th June.

Before these events, the Friends of Milborne Port Library will be holding their AGM on Thursday of this week.

On The Saturday following the fete, there will be the monthly craft market at the school.

If like me you delight in the sound of the bells ringing out over our village, you may wish to read of the bellringers visit to Cornwall, they say to ring in a variety of towers, but reading about the visit does suggest that the delights of local hostelries figured large in the visit.

The WI has also news of their past and also upcoming activities.

The middle of June sees the return of film nights at the Village hall, starting with a showing of Saving Mr. Banks on 19th June. Full details can be found by clicking on the link.

We understand that a number of full size and half size allotment plots are available to let from the Parish Council. To register interest please contact the Parish Clerk, Emma Curtis on 01963 251268 (Tuesday and Friday mornings 9.30am – 11.30am) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are interested in gardening at your own home, then now is time to spend some time sprucing it up as the judges of the SW in Bloom competition will be visiting the village on Thursday 3rd July.

Later in July sees the Church Fete on 12th of the Month at which our new vicar will be in attendance.

Of course there is much more happening in our village on a regular basis. Have a look at the diary for a full run down of what is happening. If you have other things you would like to see publicised, either as a news article or diary entry please drop a mail to the administrator of the site.

Newsletter - April 7th 2014

I do not normally begin a newsletter with a look back, however, I felt that the guitar recital in aid of the Friends of Milborne Port library and the Church was worth a mention. On 22nd March, the Church filled to hear a varied programme of solo guitar played by Michael Partington. Over three hundred years were spanned with works from Domenico Scarlatti to Bryan Johanson. Look out for Michael’s next visit to these shores.

Looking to the rest of April, The Spirit of Milborne Port Spring Market and linked craft market are on the 12th April, with the monthly car boot sale at the school the following day. The Spirit of Milborne Port (SoMP) report on its activities and finances in 2013 is now available. Taking a look at the energy needed to organise the events, SoMP have decided not to hold any future markets but to concentrate on two main events in the year, the summer fete and the Christmas lights switch on.

We now have fuller information about the Parish Council, its activities and Council members. Also the agenda and minutes for their meetings are also posted on the web page. Don’t forget that the annual Parish meeting at which you can hear of council activities and also find out about other village organisations will be held on 22nd April at the town hall.

Later that week sees the performances of Utopia, this year’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan from Milborne Port Opera.

That week is very busy as on Wednesday evening, the 23rd, sees the chance for gardening club members to pick up a bargain at CastleGardens.

At the end of that week on 26th, there is the periodic litter pick starting at the East   Street car park. As we gear up for the South West in Bloom competition, it is a good opportunity to spruce up the lanes of the village.

We have just heard that the Moviola film, scheduled for May has now been postponed and “Saving Mr. Banks” will now be screened at the village hall on 19th June.

Finally, those of you who shop at Sainbury’s will have seen that they are celebrating 15 years at Sherborne with a new canvas bag, with artwork by Gabby, a ten year old pupil at Milborne Port Primary School. Well done Gabby.

Newsletter 5th May 2014

This newsletter and supporting web pages are one way we try to keep the village informed about events. There are also two community noticeboards, one adjacent to Waynes shop and the other at the health centre. After several years of use, they are in need of some maintenance so they will shortly be removed for this to happen. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes, but any snippets of news and notices will always find a home on these pages if you contact the administrator.

As spring finally arrives, there is news of the village’s entry to South West in Bloom.

On 10th May, Church House will play host to both a Jumble sale but the monthly craft market will now be at the primary school. On 16th May, Church House also plays host to the WI social. There is a progressive supper on 17th May, which sounds like a fun way to meet new people. Contact Jacquie Hall on 250328 for details.

The number of village residents who attended the annual parish meeting was disappointingly low; however, don’t forget that there is a public question time at each and every one of the monthly council meetings, the next one being on 20th May.

There is a further event at Church house on 22nd May based upon the teachings in the book of Nehemiah ands it relevance to teamwork.

On 24th May, there is a coffee morning in support of Lupus, a debilitating, incurable disease.

At the start of June, a “looking ahead” day will be held, also at Church house, aimed at involving more of the village in the life of the Church.

As we move into June, of course the village will be eagerly anticipating the annual village fete organised by Spirit of Milborne Port, not forgetting the Party at the Port. These are on Saturday 7th June.

The above is a round up of the particular events happening in May, all in addition to the many regular events, classes and so forth occurring each and every week in our very active village. Of course, there may be more. Please let us know if you know of something we have not yet listed.

Newsletter March 9th 2014

The Milborne Port Primary school have two upcoming events this week; a Youth makes music celebration where the choir will be singing in Digby Hall in Sherborne on Wednesday and a Sport Relief challenge in school on the following day.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library continue to be active, raising funds and holding events aimed at keeping our local library alive and open for everyone; our children being but one large beneficiary.

As part of that fund raising, there will be a guitar recital in Church on 22nd March by Michael Partington and tickets are available from Wayne’s (the Butcher) and the Post Office.

Before that on Tuesday 18th March there will be a full council meeting at the town hall. As always there will be a public at the start of the meeting and the whole meeting is, of course open to the public.

Throughout March and into April, leading up to Easter, Bede Cooper will be holding his Lent Lunches, with donations in favour of Christian Aid. Open to all to come along and enjoy convivial company during a light lunch.

Our PCSO Callum has reported on how the recent storms have affected us locally and he also reports on a recent burglary and some drug abuse. In case you are worried that Milborne Port is in the grip of a crime epidemic, this is not so, our statistics are mercifully low as can be seen on the police website

Finally on 12th April the Spirit of Milborne Port will be holding its Spring Market along the High street and has been coordinated to be held on the same day as the monthly craft market taking place at Church House.


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