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Newsletter 24th May 2015

The new Parish Council met for the first time on May 19th. The list of councillors and the committees on which they serve can be found here. Also on these pages is a notice of a vacancy; there was no ballot on May 7th as only 12 people stood for the 13 council places. If you would like to be considered for co-option, you can see what is involved.

As May comes to a close, if you are a blood donor, remember there is a session at the village hall on 29th May. Also before the end of May, why not consider casting your vote on line for the community swimming pool (situated in the school grounds) to received funding from the Aviva community fund. The people running the pool are also seeking help to maintain its operation. There is also a “Race Night” at the social club on 20th June to support their efforts.

As we move into June, the major event early in the month will be of course the annual village fete and party at the port, organised by the Spirit of Milborne Port on 6th June. All the normal fete attractions will be available but this year for the first time, there will be a cider festival and a local pilot will be landing his helicopter at the fete. Expect a crush of people wanting to see this flying attraction. And of course leading up to the fete day is the scarecrow competition with its theme of pantomime.

Two new dance activities have started in Milborne Port which we heard about too late for last month’s newsletter. They are circle dance and swing your partners, Read about them with the links above.

On the 15th June, expect the Church bells to ring out for several hours as the bellringers attempt to ring a full peal. Their last attempt failed so let us hope for more fortune this time.

The gardening club are visiting RHS Rosemore on the 16th of the month.

The village hall will be turned into a cinema on 18th June for a showing of the academy winning “Theory of Everything” starring Eddy Redmayne. If you have not seen the film, it was a stunning and poignant characterisation of world famous physicist, Steven Hawking.

Looking ahead, the Parish Council have again entered our village in the SW in Bloom competition. Judging will be in July, by which time the hanging baskets will again be on display in the High Street, so why not make that extra special effort in your own garden to give our village the best chance of success.

If we have missed anything out from our round up of village life, please do get in touch so that we can rectify this.

Newsletter 25th April 2015

Don’t forget that next week Tuesday, there is the Annual Parish meeting in the Town Hall at 7:30 pm. You can study the agenda here.

May 7th sees the Village hall turned into our polling station as it is the general election that day. You will have seen elsewhere that there will not be a ballot for the Parish Council as only 12 people are standing for the 13 seats hence those will be elected automatically.

On Saturday 9th May is the 70th anniversary of VE day and this is to be marked in the village with a barbecue at Church House. Also marking that day, the bellringers will be sounding the bells at 11am as part of a countrywide celebration.

As I write this newsletter on Anzac day, where thoughts particularly of the Antipodeans who lost their lives in the Gallipoli invasion, we note that on May 29th there will be a muffled ringing of the bells to mark the first of a number of such events commemorating soldiers from Milborne Port who fell in the first world war, and one of their number fell as part of the Gallipoli campaign.

The village Hall AGM will be held on 18th May to which all village residents are invited. The 21st of May sees the hall turned into a cinema for the screening of the Moviola film “Selma”.

The hall will again be in use on 29th May when it will be used to take blood donations either by appointment or as walk in customers.

Milborne Port Primary School had a great science week after Easter which was rounded off by a science exhibition. The school is looking for volunteers to listen to children reading as a way of them developing their literacy skills.

April’s meeting of the WI saw an interesting demonstration of cosmetics whilst in May they will be holding their AGM. Meanwhile The Friends of Milborne Port Library had their AGM in April where they discussed how to develop the library in a range of ways.

As May continues, the Spirit of Milborne Port activities will be hotting up as they prepare for the village Fete as we move into June.

Finally we note that superfast broadband has finally arrived in the village so if you want speedier web services, get in touch with your provider.

We hope you enjoy this look around the village. If we have missed anything which you think should be included, please get in touch.

Newsletter 26th February 2015

Our monthly round up of “happenings” in our village, starting with the newcomers introduction at Church House this coming Saturday 28th February. If you are new to the village or know someone who is, please come along to find out about what our village has to offer.

There was much interest in the last Parish Council meeting as the discussion of the planning application for the redevelopment of the Gainsborough pub was on the agenda. Who knows what the next council meeting will bring. It is on 17th March and as always, the public are welcome to attend. We note that the Parish Council is still trying to find an auditor.

The strollers group got off to a good start and they are now planning a short walk a couple of times per month, weather permitting. Other more established groups such as the WI and the gardening club continue to have an interesting and varied programme of events.

As ever, the Friends of Milborne Port Library report on their continuous efforts to encourage usage of the library and have a report about national libraries day, and a visit from the children of our school.

There will be a coffee morning and produce sale on 11th March at Gainsborough House and late that week on 14th, the bellringers will be trying for a full peal, something they tried some months ago but failed to make it. Let us hope they get through it this time.

The next Moviola showing is on 19th March and this time is “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Nominated for many Oscars, it won best adapted screenplay and is well worth a watch.

Towards the end of the month on 28th, there will be a quiz night with fish and chip supper at the Village hall.

If we take a peek over into April, the week after Easter sees the latest production from Milborne Port Opera. Later in the month the school will be holding its science week, and if anybody can support this, you will be very welcome.

If you know of other things happening in the village, or if we have let errors slip through, please get in touch.

Keep looking at the site during the month as we add articles as we receive them.

Newsletter 25th March 2015

Wow, there is an awful lot going on at the moment. This coming Saturday the 28th March, there will be a quiz night and fish and chip supper at the Village hall, with proceeds towards the Church. While talking of Church related matters, we note that the bellringers did not have enough ringers present to attempt their full peal and this will be rescheduled.

The nominations forms for the Parish Council elections are now available. If you want to stand for election as a councillor, these are available from the Town Hall and must be submitted by 9th April. As central government want to push more decisions to a local level, having good representation of the village becomes ever more important, so why not think about standing for councillor. You can also find out more about the council’s work in the last year at the Annual Parish Meeting on 21st April.

A couple of other council related matters, following the award of a silver gilt trophy last year in the South West in Bloom competition, the council have again entered the competition and are hoping to improve on last year. If anyone wants to develop a neighbourhood feature, the send a message through the website or contact Phil Lock for more details. The council are also awaiting support from county for the proposal to erect an elegant timber framed bus shelter in the High Street. The Council has, on a first come first served basis, allotments for rent. Contact the council for more details. Whilst on the subject of gardens, the gardening club sound to have an exciting programme in prospect this summer.

Returning to SW in bloom, keeping the streets tidy is one thing that always needs doing, so why not join the stalwarts for a litter pick on the 18th April. Details on the link.

Of course, early April brings about the latest production from Milborne Port Opera. This year moving away from Gilbert and Sullivan, the production will be “Spring Fate”.

Later in the month, will see the latest screening in the Moviola series, that of My Old Lady, with Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas as part of the cast list.

As we move into spring and thence to summer, activities are hotting up in the planning for the summer fete, and Paula Nussey is looking for exhibitors in the art exhibition. If you are interested, contact Paula on 01963 251063.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library continue to be active and on 13th April will be their AGM at the library. The newly formed strollers group are stepping out as the weather improves. You can reads about their exploits here.

The week following Easter promises to be an exciting time for the children at the primary school, with their science week. Lots of exciting things going on and they have already had a taste of this with an ex NASA scientist talking about space.

All this is going on in our village in addition to all the regular classes and meetings, WI and the like that it is so hard keeping up. If you know of anything we have missed, please get in touch.

Newsletter 31st January 2015

Another month gone; where does the time go? Certainly residents of MilbornePort have no shortage of opportunities to fill their time. Here is the latest round up of what we know about in the village.

On Tuesday, Peter Callard is starting a “strollers” group. Information on the first outing, which is on Tuesday of this week, can be found here. For those needing a little more energetic exercise, a new core and flexibility class has begun at the village hall.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library advise that Saturday 7th February is national libraries day. You can read more on that here. Also on this day, Richard Duckworth will be hosting a film show at Church House.

The gardening club have published their programme for this year which can be found here.

On more general issues around the village, the Parish Council is looking for an auditor, whilst Andy Jackson is looking forward for someone to replace him as litter pick co-ordinator. There has been a delay on when we might expect faster broadband services to be available in the village. Read here for more detail.

We also understand that the owners of The Gainsborough pub have sold it to a property developers and a supermarket is looking to develop the site. Understandably the landlady has a petition against this. Coming on close the heels of the closure of the Queen’s Head, this concern will be understandable to many.

Later in the month, there will be the next Parish Council meeting, which we would remind people, are public meetings and with the elections just around the corner, some may wish to attend to see first hand, how the council operates.

On the 19th February, the next Moviola film is being shown at the village hall. It looks like an interesting film. At the end of the month, the annual newcomers event will take place at Church House, where people new to the village can see what is on offer. If you are new to the village or know of someone who is, please let them know and/or come along.

All of the above notes about events are in addition to the regular badminton, bowls, wiggle and giggles and so much more. Keep up to date by looking at the website from time to time. Today’s events are always there on the home page and the full diary is available under the “village diary” tab. If you know of more things happening in the village than we have mentioned, please get in touch

Finally, I am indebted to the editor of the MilbornePort magazine for helping to provide some of the information for this electronic newsletter.

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