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Newsletter 28th March 2017

Our monthly collation of news and events around the village. We hope you find this useful. If you have any other events or news that we have missed, please contact the administrator, and it you are sending information about the village for publication in the magazine, why not send to the website as well?

Easter is around the corner, but until then, John Perkins continues with his Lent lunches at Church House.

There is a good return of completed Parish Plan questionnaires, both in paper and electronic form. If you have not already completed yours, do not forget that the deadline is this coming Friday. It will take some time to analyse the results fully, but the Parish Plan group hope to have some basic information from the survey to present at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 11th April.

The Parish Council meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month, with full minutes being available on the web shortly after and a summary of main items of interest being reported in our “News from the Council Chamber” within a day or two of the meeting. If you want to be part of the Parish Council team, there is an outstanding casual vacancy which will be filled by co-option at the May meeting. Deadline for application is 25th April.

One of the things that the Parish Council has been doing of late is to help equip the cemetery chapel with power to make its use as a heritage museum viable for the History and Heritage group. They will start opening the museum on a regular basis and the first such opening is on Easter Monday 17th April.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library report on spending issues in the library service and will be having their annual general meeting on 14th April at the library.

The WI will be holding their April meeting on 13th April when they will discuss herbs in women’s health.

Of course April is the month that sees the culmination of all the hard work of the Milborne Port Opera with its performances of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” Performances will take place between 19-22nd of the month. Tickets available from the box office or telephone 07926 983 585.

The week after the opera performances, the village hall will once again be converted to a movie theatre for the showing of “A United Kingdom” as part of the Moviola series.

All of the above, of course in addition to the regular badminton, short mat bowls, bridge club etc. etc. meetings that fill the lives of many in the village. See the diary for more details. You may also see an addition to the diary. The Milborne Port Primary School now has a new website which has a live calendar. This is being fed for information to the calendar on this website and school events will be shown in red.

Finally, a peek over the month end into May will inform that on 4th May will be elections for the position of county Councillors for the region, with our village being part of Blackmore Vale.

Newsletter 26th February 2017

Our latest round up of village news and events.

Throughout March, starting on 3rd, the Lent lunches are hosted at Church House by John Perkins, with the object of raising fund for Christian Aid.

The Parish Plan volunteers continue to be busy and are preparing to distribute a prize questionnaire to every household starting in the second week in March. If more than one person in the household wishes to fill in a questionnaire, extra ones can be downloaded from the website at, or printed copies obtained from several village locations. It will also be possible to fill in the questionnaire on line from a drop down menu at the web address indicated above. These facilities will be made available after 9th March.

The Gainsborough Arms is again in the news with an appeal against the planning application rejection.

Hopefully, some initial results from the questionnaire will be available at the Annual Parish Meeting which will be hosted by the council on 11th April. At 7pm (please note there is an error in the Milborne Port magazine publication). All residents are invited to hear what the council and other groups have been doing in the last year.

Due to the resignation of one council member, there is now a casual vacancy and this is advertised here.

The WI report on their activities and start considering the warming weather. The Friends of Milborne Port Library report on the move of national libraries day to be a week long event in October. Watch out or it later in the year.

On 18th March, following the very successful film last month, the Village hall will be showing “A Street cat named Bob” as part of their Moviola series.

A couple of days later, the Heritage group will host their latest meeting at Church House and the subject of Milborne Wick in Roman times.

On 23rd of the month, the latest in the series of half muffled ringing of the Church bells will commemorate the passing of two more brave men of the village who lost their lives in the Great War.

On 26th March, an enterprising girl from the village, Caitlin Else is holding a quiz night to raise funds for Arthritis UK.

A week later, having honed it with Caitlin’s quiz, you can use your competitive spirit further in another quiz night, this time raising funds for the Church.

On the 9th April, a number of residents will have been chosen at random to take part in a census trial as part of the investigation to shape future censuses.

As we move to the Easter bank holiday later in April, you might want to refer to the revised refuse collection scheme for the village.

Please let the administrator know if you are aware of further activities in the village which should be reported on the community website, or if there are any errors.

Newsletter, 4th January 2017

As we start this new year and a round up of what is happening in the first weeks of the year, the website editors wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

On the news pages, the WI report on their Christmas festivities and announce their first coffee morning and meeting of the new year. In another reminder of Christmas, the district council have teamed up with the Parish Council again to provide a tree recycling service. The Friends of Milborne Port library also report on the Christmas theme in the library.

The Speedwatch group report on their first forays into this activity. And whilst on the subject of transport, the county have developed an on line service for reporting road problems.

The Parish Council held their first meeting of 2017 on Tuesday 3rd January and a brief report can be found on the Parish Council pages with full minutes to follow shortly. The Parish Plan group, always seeking new ideas particularly from younger members of the community, will be meeting at the Town Hall on Monday 9th January.

The gardening club hold their first meeting of the year on 10th January and have published a full programme for the year.

The first Moviola presentation of 2017 will take place on 21st January when “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” will be screened. As an alternative to the “telly” the Moviola series allow people to relax in a convivial atmosphere and enjoy a glass wine as they watch the film.

The Heritage group have their first meeting of the new year on 23rd of the month and all their meetings for the year are now on the diary. Villagers cannot fail to have witnessed the tremendous work done by Naomi Thorp on the fallen of WWI. She is now continuing that work recording the casualties of WW2.

Spirit of Milborne Port review the closing events of 2016 and report on their plans for this year, though we have just heard that they sadly have had to cancel their Burn’s night event at the Village Hall.

Finally, Milborne Port Opera rehearsals are now well into their stride, in fact they must be on a home run as their performances will take place in April.

In addition to the individual events and activities, you can find a full diary here. Although full, as things move around, there may be changes we have not been notified of. If you spot any errors, please contact the administrator to get them corrected.

Newsletter 30th January 2017

Our monthly round up of news and events in our village. It complements the Milborne Port magazine, but unlike the magazine, the news page is refreshed daily with any new item. Please spread the word to your friends who might not see this newsletter.

Speaking of the Milborne Port magazine, they now have a competition to refresh the cover image. Have a look here for more details.

Our “News from the Council Chamber” reports on some topical items from the most recent meeting and the next council meeting will be held as always on the first Tuesday of the month, 7th February.

Some councillors are also involved in the refresh of the Parish Plan, first published early in 2010. Much has happened in the village since then so a refresh was felt necessary. The group are planning an extensive questionnaire following the “planning for real” exercise in the summer. Be prepared to have your say, and if you want to become more actively involved, do come along to the next meeting on 13th February.

Before that, on 9th February, the WI will hold their regular meeting. You can read about that and read a report on their recent activities here.

The next Moviola screening will be on Saturday 18th February when “The Girl on the Train” will be screened.

Apart from the traditional club activities (bowls, badminton etc.) at the village hall, there is a tremendous amount new and revised activity there, much of it organised by the Balsam centre in Wincanton, including a drop in café for the youth of the village.

A social club for older people and carers called “The Tanners Café” is now also available on a Thursday morning costing £2 per session though any carers are free.

A six week computer course also at the Village Hall, made possible by the recent introduction of high speed broadband there is being sponsored by the Yarlington Group and again run by the Balsam centre.

After their boozy theme to last month’s meeting, the Heritage group’s meeting on 20th February will be about bellringing.

The gardening club have published their 2017 programme and their next meeting on gardens in France will be on February 14th.

Milborne Port Primary School are seeking to recruit a new cleaner for the school. Full details can be found here. The school is also seeking to boost its board of School Governors. If you are interested in supporting the school in this way, please get in touch.

As ever the Friends of Milborne Port Library report on current activity and warn that staff shortages are once again threatening opening times, though hopefully this might only be temporary as this time it is caused by not being able to fill vacancies for staff.

Having a peek over the boundary into March sees the beginning of Lent, and with it, the Friday Lent lunches at Church House.

We hope you find this roundup helpful. If you want to comment or add something, please contact the administrator. Also do not forget that articles are added all the time to the web pages, not just at the month end. Do check back or subscribe to our Twitter feed “@MilborneEvents” All new and revised articles are tweeted there.

Newsletter 30th November 2016

This year’s lights switch on was an altogether “dryer” affair than last year. Although there was a nip in the air, there was a great spirit as villagers came to sample the food delights, see Father Christmas, the twirlstars, School Choir and not forgetting the actual switch on of the lights. The friends of Milborne Port library have a write up on their part of the activity and continue with the super news that the post left vacant by the retirement of Sue Morse will be filled. They are also looking to get a new story and rhyme time going in the new year.

Also waiting until the new year to restart is the “Simply Core and Flexibility” class at the village hall.

This coming Saturday 3rd December, there will be a pre-Christmas litter pick from 1000 hrs starting at the Gainsborough pub.

We have heard, though it is not yet in the diary, that the football club will be holding a pre-Christmas bingo at the village hall on Sunday 4th December. Doors open 6:30pm, eyes down 7:30 pm.

The next meeting of the Parish Plan group will take place at the Town Hall on Monday. The existing plan is some five years old and the group are hoping to build on the work done at the fete this year. If you think you can contribute, please do think of coming along.

The next meeting of the Parish Council takes place on the following day on Tuesday 6th December. The agenda can be found here and the minutes of the last meeting and the council’s “notes from the Council Chamber” highlighting what the council believes will be the issues of most interest can be found on the council pages.

On the Council pages, you can also see a note about the closure of the office during the Christmas period.

Following the hugely entertaining screening of “The Golden Years”, the 10th December will see the next Moviola presentation – Absolutely Fabulous. Moviola is proving a great way to chill out, have a couple of drinks and watch a movie in a relaxed atmosphere. If you have not been, give it a go!

On 16th of December at Church House, there will be a Christmas Hootenanny for all. Not exactly Jules Holland, but close!

Those who like to hear our Church Bells ring out will have listened to the half-muffled ring that has periodically sounded since 2014 to commemorate those who fell in the Great War. Sadly this will continue for a further two years, but the data put together by Naomi Thorp has been published as a book by the heritage group and they have kindly allowed this website to display a virtual copy .

Not to miss out on the Christmas festivities, both the Gardening Club and the WI have their own festive meetings.

Finally, we note that Wheathill Lane will be closed for a couple of nights from Sunday 4th December.

A diary of the full month can be found here.

If we have missed anything from this newsletter or you want to make any suggestions, please contact the administrator.

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