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Newsletter - 27th January 2018

Currently, many of the items on the news pages contain information which is relevant for more than one month or has deadlines just into March, hence there is quite a large spread of dates mentioned in this newsletter. We hope this helps rather than hinders the appreciation of what is going on in our village.

At the start of the month on 1st February, the half-muffled bells of the Parish Church will again ring out to remember the debt the village owes to one of its number killed in WWI. Edward Ham died on this day in 1918.

On 9th February, a film of an epic story of the second world war can be seen when “Dunkirk” will be shown as part of the Moviola series.

The gardening club have published their complete programme for the year and the second of their meeting will be held on 13th February.

The Church year is moving towards the season of Lent, and as usual, this will be accompanied by the informal, simple “Lent Lunches” starting on 16th February, with donations going towards Christian Aid.

The WI have a multitude of events in the coming weeks, with their winter warmer on 31st January and a shopping trip on 15th March. Read about this and more on their news item.

The Heritage group will be holding a meeting on 19th which will be of interest to all railway enthusiasts when the history of the railways in and around Milborne Port will be charted.

Whilst on the subject of heritage, the primary school has a new acting head who is also very keen for the children to learn more about the history of the village.

The Spirit of Milborne Port report on their plans for 2018, specifically for the summer fete.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library talk about their regular activities in the library but also mention the very serious threat to the library with the cost cutting measures that SCC are planning. A consultation is in place and this extends into April but with a consultation event on 6th March in the Camelot room of the Village Hall.

The boundary commission has draft proposals on the new ward boundaries for South Somerset. This consultation, which can be found here will end on 19th March.

Turning back to February, there will be a peal attempt at St. John’s Church. For those of us who love the sound of the Church bells, then a treat is in store as a peal will last, typically, for over three hours. For those who do not find this an attractive proposition, then a visit to the shops is on the cards!

Again, at the beginning of March we will have another live music concert at the Village Hall with the Neil Maya Quartet on Friday 2nd March. Looking a little further into March, Church House will be hosting a get together for all newcomers to the village where various village groups will be on hand to help people who want to know what is on offer in our bustling society.

Have a look at the diary for more regular activities, be it bridge, bowls or badminton. There is much to do in Milborne Port, as ever, if you think we should include other things, please do get in touch

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