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Newsletter - 30th May 2017

Our monthly round up this month starts with the reminder, if you ever needed one, that the Village Fete, organised by the Spirit of Milborne Port takes place on Saturday 3rd June, starting at 1pm and followed by the Party @the Port in the evening.

Many groups will have a presence at the fete including the Heritage group who will be opening the museum each Sunday in June. Have a look at the newly created Heritage pages on the website for more information. They will also be having a tour of our Church on 19th June.

Women’s tennis, organised by SSDC will start on 6th June. The women’s theme continues with the Women’s Institute report on their activities. They will be holding their next meeting on 8th June.

The 8th June will see the return of voters to the Camelot room of the Village Hall to cast their ballot at the general election.

The village hall held its AGM on 24th May at which Cathy Lancaster was re-elected as chair. As well as AGM business, the plan for the village hall to put on live shows was discussed. Watch this space for more details.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library report positively on their activities including the recruitment of new staff to the library.

The community swimming pool, now with its new roof is gearing up for the new season including a separate booking website, and the School will be holding its Summer Fayre on 17th June.

Your Parish Council has met as usual for its full meeting at the start of the month and committee meetings in the middle of the month. Draft minutes are available on the council pages as are a summary of items that council thought to be of more general interest in its “News from the Council Chamber” article.

Towards the end of the month, there will be an evening of Music and Poetry at the Church.

Well that completes our round up of specific events that we are aware of. These are in addition to the weekly list of things going on, the calendar for which can be found here.

If we have missed anything, please contact the administrator.

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