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Newsletter 30th January 2017

Our monthly round up of news and events in our village. It complements the Milborne Port magazine, but unlike the magazine, the news page is refreshed daily with any new item. Please spread the word to your friends who might not see this newsletter.

Speaking of the Milborne Port magazine, they now have a competition to refresh the cover image. Have a look here for more details.

Our “News from the Council Chamber” reports on some topical items from the most recent meeting and the next council meeting will be held as always on the first Tuesday of the month, 7th February.

Some councillors are also involved in the refresh of the Parish Plan, first published early in 2010. Much has happened in the village since then so a refresh was felt necessary. The group are planning an extensive questionnaire following the “planning for real” exercise in the summer. Be prepared to have your say, and if you want to become more actively involved, do come along to the next meeting on 13th February.

Before that, on 9th February, the WI will hold their regular meeting. You can read about that and read a report on their recent activities here.

The next Moviola screening will be on Saturday 18th February when “The Girl on the Train” will be screened.

Apart from the traditional club activities (bowls, badminton etc.) at the village hall, there is a tremendous amount new and revised activity there, much of it organised by the Balsam centre in Wincanton, including a drop in café for the youth of the village.

A social club for older people and carers called “The Tanners Café” is now also available on a Thursday morning costing £2 per session though any carers are free.

A six week computer course also at the Village Hall, made possible by the recent introduction of high speed broadband there is being sponsored by the Yarlington Group and again run by the Balsam centre.

After their boozy theme to last month’s meeting, the Heritage group’s meeting on 20th February will be about bellringing.

The gardening club have published their 2017 programme and their next meeting on gardens in France will be on February 14th.

Milborne Port Primary School are seeking to recruit a new cleaner for the school. Full details can be found here. The school is also seeking to boost its board of School Governors. If you are interested in supporting the school in this way, please get in touch.

As ever the Friends of Milborne Port Library report on current activity and warn that staff shortages are once again threatening opening times, though hopefully this might only be temporary as this time it is caused by not being able to fill vacancies for staff.

Having a peek over the boundary into March sees the beginning of Lent, and with it, the Friday Lent lunches at Church House.

We hope you find this roundup helpful. If you want to comment or add something, please contact the administrator. Also do not forget that articles are added all the time to the web pages, not just at the month end. Do check back or subscribe to our Twitter feed “@MilborneEvents” All new and revised articles are tweeted there.

You are here: Home General bulletin board Newsletter 30th January 2017