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Welcome to the new community website for Milborne Port. We have created this website following the outcome of the Parish Plan, to try to keep villagers informed of the many social and sports activities in our village. It does not seek to replace other communications methods such as the new notice board and the Milborne Port magazine, but to provide an alternative channel to find out what is going on.You can receive updates to this newsletter including a link to the diary e-mailed to you every month by subscribing (see panel on the right hand side) There is no cost for this subscription.

There is also no intention to replace the more commercial aspects of which contains i.a. commercial entries and paid advertising as well as the transactions of the Parish Council. The next full Parish Council meeting by the way is on 15th May.

You will see that there is a special section for the Jubilee activities and we hope that you will be keen to keep abreast of these. Don’t forget the major events on the 2nd June, the fete and Party at the Port.

If you look at the diary, you will be amazed at how much activity is going on in our community. That, in itself, brings its own problems and keeping everything up to date is the major one. As we will be maintaining the content with a team of volunteers, we would be grateful to learn of any errors in these pages. If you want some other activity added, please also get in touch.

If you find this website useful, spread the word by forwarding the website address to your contacts.

You are here: Home General bulletin board Newsletter