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Milborne Port's response to Covid-19

When the lockdown began towards the end of March, we all had to adapt quickly to a new way of life and to think urgently about the needs of our more vulnerable residents. Over the last few months, the village’s response has rapidly evolved to meet people’s needs and it is clear that the village community has done itself proud in the way that it has rallied to support those who have needed it most.

The priority for the Parish Council at the beginning was to ensure that residents had access to information, so a flier of information was hand-delivered to the most vulnerable and this soon developed into a section of Covid-19 related information on the Parish Council website, including information on how to access support via St. John’s Church and our vicar Sarah Godfrey, opening times and ways of operating for the surgery, pharmacy, local shops and delivery services.

Telephone and Zoom video-conferencing technology allowed a group of us to meet and this resulted in a further flier of information and offers of support which went to every address in the village at the end of April, co-ordinated by a community mutual aid group that included members of St John’s Church, the parish council, Sir Charles Allen of Ven House, Sherborne Viral Kindness and other volunteers.

This group is now made up of over thirteen people who are part of a rapid response 'WhatsApp' group, coordinating support across the whole village, ensuring that vulnerable residents receive the care they need as swiftly as possible.

We should be proud of the way in which so many individuals and groups in the community have been involved in helping in a huge variety of ways, from checking in with neighbours, helping out with shopping and collecting prescriptions and generally caring for and supporting others.

Nathalie Hetherington, Deputy Parish Clerk

You are here: Home Covid-19 Milborne Port's response to Covid-19