The first in a series of Somerset Green Open homes events is a live webinar on 9th June at 7pm, meeting two households in South Somerset, one from Milborne Port. They will be sharing experiences so far on their retrofitting journey. 

– Sarah and Richard 

– Juliet and Ben 

Measures that will be discussed include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, air source heat pumps, wood burning stoves, solar hot water and solar photovoltaic panels. Book your place here. 

Thinking of improving the energy efficiency of your home? Do you want to reduce your fuel costs or make it more comfortable to live in? Attend the Somerset Green Open Homes virtual tours and hear from someone that has already done it. As part of the Somerset Retrofit Accelerator project, there will be a series of interactive online tours exploring homes that have been made more energy efficient, comfortable to live in and kinder to the environment. 

The Somerset Retrofit Accelerator project is a partnership between Frome, Bruton and Glastonbury Town Councils, the four District Councils in Somerset, Somerset Independence Plus and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The six-month pilot project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund. 


SRA YouTube playlist: Frome Town Council – YouTube 

Sarah and Richard intro video: Green Open Homes – Sarah and Richard’s 1970 house 1 introduction – YouTube 

Juliet intro video: Juliet’s 1970s house part 1 – Intro 

Registration for Webinar 1:,L40ZfW08MUmv6bFR-Hnaww,MuoCdMUuT0GfkCJw302v-w,GRHuCdn9oE-asLMA3rvXew,Z6vdqxsFZU-yLeabb-WugQ,VLlFNzJ5yEqaPvSEnN7d6g?mode=read&tenantId=575c0bde-3a1d-4474-85c6-550cf50fdc99 

SRA website (under construction): Retrofit Somerset | Somerset Green Directory 

Facebook event:  SRA Facebook page:Somerset Retrofit Accelerator | Facebook

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