It’s an ill wind but maybe, whisper it quietly, it’ll blow some good

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a shock to the global economy and an appalling humanitarian crisis, showing the terrible risks of our fossil fuelled lives. We are not powerless to help, and with doubled motivation can help starve Putin’s military machine of funds and reduce air pollution and save our climate in one. 649 onshore wind and solar projects already have planning permission and could be built quickly, saving more gas than we currently import from Russia. Most experts are telling our Prime Minister that existing plans to cut fossil fuels will help shield the UK from rocketing global prices for oil and gas.

Meanwhile, apparently, most people believe climate change will only harm other people! But it’s now, it’s here, it’s concrete and it’s relevant. The science is clear – about what’s wrong; it’s also clear about how we can fix it; so we can find hope in ACTION. Our actions make a difference and have a ripple effect – the future that we will see is still undecided – it’s going to be radically different depending on the choices that we make now. We’ve all read that we need to act now because the window of opportunity is closing, that’s because the urgent changes needed can’t happen overnight. So sleeves up! Stop passing the buck (if you are)!  Let’s get to work! Make a big jump now if you can (Google ‘Take the Jump’) but small steps make a difference too. Almost everything we love and need is at stake; from a secure future (without disruption to our food and power supply, peace, health) for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren; to nature, our fabulous coastline… the list is long.  

As the cost of living rises, finding new ways to reduce our consumption of energy, both directly and indirectly, is key and makes immediate sense. Everything new we buy has an embedded carbon cost, so buy smaller, keep longer, share; use less. We can weave Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Repairing into everything.

Turning the heating down a degree and adding another layer can save up to 10% of your energy; and a 100w electric heat pad can help with savings on heating the whole house. Insulating our homes is going to be more important than ever. There is a Green Homes project in Somerset funded by the government’s Community Renewal scheme which will showcase some existing case studies on retrofitted homes, and provide information and advice, as well as providing free training for the construction industry.

We will be borrowing the Thermal Imaging camera to show up areas of heat loss in our homes again next winter. Email us with Thermal Imaging as the subject to go on the list. Don’t forget that our 20% discounted Solar Streets scheme is still running here; the payback time looks set to be even quicker now.

We will organize an afternoon at the village hall when people can come and ask questions about greening our homes.

Tips for cutting petrol and diesel consumption: – obviously make fewer trips; stay local; share lifts; walk and cycle for short journeys (and observe the new Highway Code rules to protect other road users when you are in a vehicle); think twice to avoid wasted journeys; stay below 55mph as the most efficient speed; slow down and accelerate more gradually; support public transport if you can.   

Thankfully, spring is upon us! We can delight in the wild life around us that we share the world with. It’s good for our mental health. So why not give Let it Grow or No Mow May a try this spring and summer?

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Milborne Port Climate and Nature Action Group
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