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Milborne Port Newsletter 28th September 2018

There is an awful lot going on at the moment and in this newsletter we will attempt to relay what we know. As ever, if you know more, please let the website know.

The first piece of news is that the vacancy on the Parish Council created by resignation of a councillor will be filled by election. See the announcement here. The information came too late to be included in news from the Council Chamber.

Turning to more ordinary matters, The Spirit of Milborne Port report on recent and future events and are keen to find more supporters. If you want to help, go along to their next meeting.

The gardening club, which meets at the village hall (October meeting on 9th) are looking forward to their Autumn season, whilst the WI discuss their programme and note their next meeting is on October 11th.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library report on a very successful children’s summer reading challenge and note that the Friday storytime is back up and running at 2.30pm each Friday.

There are many groups which meet at the Village Hall; short mat bowls, badminton and U3A and the Bridge club is keen to attract you to their Monday evening sessions.

Moviola is settling into their regular Monthly Friday evening film show at the Village Hall and on October 19th, ”The Hatton Garden Job” will be screened.

The Royal British Legion consider the continued sacrifice made by many in the protection of our country and as the four year project draws to a close, the bells will again peal on 23rd October to remember three Milborne Port men lost towards the end of WW1.

The Heritage group also have a talk on 15th October about the commemoration project and will be staging an exhibition on remembrance weekend in the town hall regarding Milborne Port life during the war years.

Over the border in Sherborne the life of Sir Walter Ralegh is also being celebrated by walks and talks.

That about concludes this month’s look at our village. A plea in last month’s newsletter for people to come forward to help manage the content of the community website remains unfulfilled so if anyone is interested, please get in contact.

You are here: Home Milborne Port Milborne Port Newsletter 28th September 2018