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Newsletter - 27th March 2018

The heavy (in Somerset terms at least) falls of Snow in March took their toll of activities, with the School being closed early on world book day, curtailing the celebrations. It also meant that the Jazz concert planned at the village hall was also cancelled. Hopefully, as we move to spring, we can hope for less disruption. Not to do with the weather, but in the second week of April, Church House will be closed for some refurbishment.

The 4-7th April sees the return of Milborne Port Opera to the Village Hall for their annual performance, this year of Trial by Jury.

The week after this, the last Moviola of the season will take place on 13th April with a showing of “The Mountain Between Us” starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. Moviola will return in the autumn, however.

The Parish Council’s regular “News from the Council Chamber” contains, amongst other items, a brief note on the library consultation and this is further expanded upon in the Friends of Milborne Port Library report.

In addition to Full council and committee meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month, April 10th at 7pm is the Annual Parish Meeting, which is a public meeting for members of the public, council and community groups to exchange information about the past year. The council will be serving wine and nibbles from 6:30pm, before the event.

The half muffled tolling of the Church bells will again be heard on 13th April when the passing of Edwin Abbott will be remembered. These commemorations will continue until the 100th anniversary of the armistice by which time a further 6 souls will be remembered.

The History and Heritage group will meet on 16th April at Church House and they are currently preparing to reopen the museum at the Wheathill Lane cemetery starting in April.

The WI will be having their next meeting on April 12th when they will be having a talk on “Spitzbergen and the High Arctic”. Hopefully by then, our winter will be but a fading memory.

The Milborne Port Primary School has a new headteacher after the appointment of Mrs. Eyres. Some of the children were involved in that selection process, and they have also been busy learning about the Bloodhound SSC project, when a team from Rolls Royce visited the school. We note that the school Board of Governors has a vacancy for a parent Governor. The School website has contact details if you are interested in this important role.

Looking past April, May will see the visit of Canadian Singer Ian Sherwood to the Village Hall on May 18th.

All this in our village as well as the regular sports and social activities on the sports fields, Village Hall and Church House. Have a look at the diary to see the plethora of activities on offer. We might have missed something. If we have or you want to mention something else, please get in touch.

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