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Newsletter 30th May 2020

The content of our newsletter for June continues to be heavily influenced by the pandemic and our first snippet is no exception. Michael Partington was due to visit and give a recital a couple of months ago, but of course that did not happen. He gave, however, a recital from his home on Friday evening and this is still available on Youtube at A Socially Distanced Recital Enjoy!

In case you have not managed to find a copy, The Milborne Port magazine for June is available on the link.

The local waste recycling centres are now open, however, with some restrictions to services.

Our Covid-19 page continues to have updates about services available including a mention of pharmacy delivery possibilities.

The Friends of Milborne Port Library and the library services are adapting including with increased availability of book downloads and an adapted summer reading challenge for the children.

Both the WI and the Gardening club muse about the benefits we have in this rural setting with many having gardens and most of us able to enjoy walks in and around the village.

Meanwhile, the Heritage group describe projects which can continue during the lockdown, and the climate action group are urging us to take the opportunity to make a more permanent change in our lives by cycling more.

Away from items influenced by Covid-19 issues, there is an ammonite search ongoing, stemming from the excavations at Gainsborough for the new housing complex.

Further roadworks overnight are likely to affect those travelling into Yeovil in the middle of June.

Finally, Somerset Sight, a local charity helping those isolated by loss of sight are looking for volunteers.

Do keep looking back at our news pages throughout the month as items are added throughout the month.

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